Summer Cleaning Checklist for Commercial Facilities
Summer Cleaning Checklist for Commercial Facilities

From increased foot traffic to higher temperatures and humidity levels, summer brings unique challenges that can strain your facility’s systems and surfaces.

Do you want to keep your commercial property clean and inviting this summer? Cleaning is a good idea now that the days are longer and the weather is warmer. An ordered and clean workplace is attractive, healthy, and productive. 

This entire guide covers summer cleaning your company property fast and efficiently. We will power wash the outdoors, meticulously clean the carpets, and review safety guidelines beforehand. 

  1. Exterior Cleaning

Power Wash Surfaces:

  • Walls: Layers of filth, bacteria, and mildew may accumulate on walls. An extensive power wash may remove these layers, preserving the walls’ original appearance.
  • Sidewalks: Clean pavements look better and reduce slips, falls and power cleaning removes gum, grease, and shoe wear.
  • Parking Lots: Regular cleaning helps keep parking lots tidy. This prevents automobile garbage from accumulating overnight, improving the region and making it more enticing to buyers.
  • Patios: Cleaning and inviting patios and other outdoor places where workers take breaks or consumers gather is essential. 

Window Cleaning: 

Cleaning the windows of your company building may improve its appearance and feel. The natural light from these windows brightens the environment and makes the work more enjoyable. Cleaning windows requires meticulous inside and outside cleaning. 

If you must carefully clean high or hard-to-reach windows, engage professional window cleaners. Cleaning the window edges and tracks is vital because dust and other debris may stop the window from operating and impact the air quality inside the building. 


The optimum season to alter your landscape is summer. Some tasks:

  • Mowing the Lawn Regularly: Regular lawn mowing keeps the grass short and tidy, making pests less likely to attempt to sneak inside.
  • Trimming Bushes and Trees: If improperly maintained, big trees and shrubs may obscure roads and signs and harm buildings.
  • Planting Seasonal Flowers: Bright seasonal flowers may improve the building’s outside and make employees and visitors happier.
  1. Interior Cleaning 

Dust and Sanitize Surfaces:

  • Shelves: Dust may collect on shelves, particularly in hard-to-reach spots. Dust and clean these areas regularly to maintain a clean atmosphere.
  • Air Vents: Air vents may collect dust and allergens, lowering air quality and reducing HVAC efficiency. Regular cleaning keeps the system running smoothly and the air clean.

Deep Clean Carpets and Floors: 

Rugs and floors aren’t cleaned frequently enough, so dust, other filth, and germs must be removed. Carpets retain dirt deep in their threads, making them difficult to clean with a vacuum. This prolongs rug life and enhances building air quality. 

Washing, waxing, and polishing hard floors are recommended. These steps restore the flooring’ sheen, improve its appearance, and prevent deterioration. Hard floors last longer with regular care to avoid scratches and other deterioration.

HVAC System Maintenance: 

  • Professional Inspection and Cleaning: Get a professional inspection and cleaning to find any issues in your home.
  • Check for Leaks and Blockages: The system works well and is protected from harm without leaks or obstructions.
  1. Office and Common Areas 

Declutter Workspaces: 

  • Organize Their Desks: This helps students to concentrate and get more done. Giving your employees several storage options might help them manage their workstations.
  • Dispose of Unnecessary Items: Remove Items You Don’t Require: Regularly remove or discard items you don’t require.

Clean Break Rooms and Kitchens: 

Clean and sanitize kitchens regularly, as they may become germy. Wipe tables with disinfectant to remove germs and clean up spills. Clean instruments frequently to keep dirt and germs off them. Microwaves, coffee machines, and freezers also require cleaning. 

Clean and clear closets to remove spills and crumbs that pests may like. Clean your refrigerators by cleaning the shelves and drawers, which entails throwing out expired items. Providing these facilities with cleaning supplies is crucial to maintaining their cleanliness.

Restroom Sanitization: 

  • Scrub Toilets, Sinks, and Floors: Rubbing floors, sinks, and toilets with powerful disinfectants remove stains and bacteria.
  • Refill Soap Dispensers and Paper Products: Always restock soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizers. Maintaining cleanliness requires offering adequate items.
  1. Safety Checks

Inspect Fire Safety Equipment

  • Test Smoke Detectors: Check the smoke alarms and replace smoke alarm batteries if they’re not functioning.
  • Inspect Fire Alarms and Sprinkler Systems: Check ventilation and fire alarm systems to ensure they operate correctly and follow safety requirements.

Check Emergency Exits: 

Ensuring emergency exits are accessible and marked is vital for safety. Remove anything that might block these doors to ensure people can safely and securely leave the facility in an emergency. 

Emergency doors must be regularly checked and repaired to keep them functioning and simple to discover. This would make things safer and reassure frightened folks.

Review Safety Protocols: 

To keep the workplace safe, undertake safety process inspections with employees. Everyone should participate in fire and emergency exercises to prepare for emergencies. 

Routines and repeating tactics while preparing may improve preparedness. This keeps personnel prepared for crises, allowing them to accomplish their tasks.

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Your commercial property must be clean and tidy to be safe and attractive to employees and visitors. Our summer cleaning regimen can keep your house tidy throughout the summer season. From outside cleaning to floor cleaning and safety compliance, we do everything to make your property ideal. 

Constant cleaning and maintenance should be a priority to minimize outbreaks and safety issues. Maintenance will keep your property shining and provide a pleasant environment for everyone.

Ready to transform your commercial property into a pristine and inviting space? Contact Ameristar Facility Solutions immediately to schedule summer cleaning services. Learn about our comprehensive cleaning services at You may also contact or phone (570) 675-5525. Don’t wait—let us help you keep your workplace clean and healthy for employees and visitors!