Why Schools Need a Commercial School Cleaning Service
Why Schools Need a Commercial School Cleaning Service

Keeping schools clean is essential to providing a healthy learning environment for students. With high-traffic areas, classrooms, cafeterias, gyms, and other facilities, schools can quickly become dirty places filled with germs if not cleaned regularly and properly. This is why most schools rely on commercial cleaning services rather than just custodial staff. Here are some of the top reasons why schools require professional cleaning services and why it is a smart investment for them to do so:

Expertise and Training

Commercial cleaning companies have extensive expertise when it comes to cleaning schools effectively. Their staff are highly trained in educational facilities’ most efficient cleaning techniques. They know what cleaning products and equipment work best for different areas and surfaces. Their teams are experienced in cleaning during times that work around school schedules and activities. Schools can be complex facilities to clean with many different needs, so having professional expertise is critical.

Improved Hygiene and Reduced Illness

One of the top priorities for schools is keeping students and staff healthy and reducing transmission of illnesses. Studies show that improving school hygiene through effective cleaning methods significantly decreases illness-related student absences. Professional cleaning services use industrial-strength disinfectants and EPA-registered cleaning products that kill germs on surfaces and help sanitize the air. Their rigorous cleaning of high-touch areas like doorknobs, desks, keyboards, cafeteria tables, etc., helps remove germs and prevent their spread. Their thorough cleaning improves indoor air quality, which also supports wellness.

Enhanced Efficiency

Cleaning companies have standardized processes, use methodical cleaning checklists, and can complete tasks faster than untrained staff. Their ability to efficiently clean multiple areas in a school saves time and hassle for school administrators. School custodians can focus on maintenance, groundskeeping, and assisting staff and students rather than spending all their time on major cleaning duties. Professional services also bring all needed equipment and supplies which increases efficiency.

Lower Long-Term Costs

At first glance, hiring professional cleaning services may seem more costly than just using in-house custodial staff. However, it is often much more affordable in the long run because commercial cleaners invest in equipment, training, and supplies that provide economies of scale. They have specialized equipment and bulk buying power that in-house staff do not. Commercial services become very competitive when factoring in the costs of higher staff wages for overtime, benefits, training, supplies, equipment maintenance and replacements, new hires, etc. Reduced illness rates also lower costs.

Flexibility and Customization

Reputable cleaning companies work to provide customized cleaning plans based on each school’s needs. This flexibility and ability to customize schedules, checklists, services, staffing, and more makes professional cleaners ideal for fitting around complex school environments. They can mobilize teams for periodic deep cleanings or handle special disinfecting needs as they arise, like during flu season or disease outbreaks.

Accountability and Oversight

With commercial cleaning services, there is clear accountability through service contracts and scheduled quality control inspections. School administrators can review detailed cleaning reports that show duties completed, timing, any issues encountered, etc. They have direct contacts for handling questions or concerns about cleaning performance. Professional services are also insured and licensed, so liability risks are reduced.

Latest Technologies and Innovations

Cleaning companies adopt the latest cleaning technologies, equipment, products, and technological advancements quickly. They invest in innovations so schools benefit from modern methods without incurring these costs. Examples include electrostatic sprayers, HEPA vacuums, non-toxic green cleaners, microfiber cloths, automated scrubbers, disinfecting foggers, and more.

Enhanced Image and Reputation

Cleanliness is an important part of the overall school image and reputation. Schools that visibly invest in professional cleaning services show students, parents, and the community that they prioritize hygiene, health, and safety. This instills confidence in the school. While not often top-of-mind, outsourced cleaning frees up school budgets to invest in more visible educational resources, further building reputation.

Safety and Security

Clean schools are also safer because improper cleaning allows dirt buildup, which poses slip, trip, and fall hazards for students. Disinfecting door handles, locker rooms, and other high-touch areas helps remove germs that spread illness. Professional cleaners are also trained to store supplies and equipment to prevent hazardous situations properly. Their presence provides additional “eyes on the ground” for safety and security after hours.


As this overview demonstrates, commercial cleaning services significantly benefit schools that directly support student health, educational excellence, and operational efficiency. While it does require an investment, the long-term payoff and overall value make professional cleaning a brilliant choice for schools aiming to provide the best possible learning environment within their budgets.

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