Why It’s Important to Match Cleaning Protocols With the Current Season
Why It’s Important to Match Commercial Cleaning Protocols With the Current Season?

Ever since the pandemic, cleanliness and hygiene are more closely followed. Everyone keeps stressing the need for keeping a cleaner environment with regular cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization.

Moreover, CDC issued protocols for consistent cleaning and disinfection in all commercial spaces to ensure safety for everyone coming in and out of such places. Now, while these cleaning protocols were issues at the very beginning of the pandemic, they still remain to be extremely essential to follow, especially in the current season when we are constantly seeing more variants and a rise in the cases.

Let us acquaint you with all the reasons that matching cleaning protocols with the current season is essential for the safety of everyone.

Reasons to Match the Facility Cleaning Protocols With the Current Season

The current season has been traumatic ever since the pandemic upsurge. New waves of the pandemic with newer variants have been encountered during this season for the past two years. So, the season does come with certain risks.

Moreover, the heat waves of the season also make it difficult to maintain personal hygiene as we sweat more and it’s difficult to even keep up with other safety protocols such as wearing masks.

In such a scenario, cleaning and disinfection come as the biggest defense against the pandemic. Here are some reasons why it’s essential to keep up with the cleaning protocols in the current season-

The Constant Rise in the Cases of Coronavirus Infection

While situations are getting back to normal, the current season is again encountering a constant rise in people contracting the disease. Moreover, newer variants of the virus are being identified that make the situations riskier.

So, to remain safe from such risks, especially when you’re amidst so many people in your offices, it’s essential to keep up with the cleaning protocols.

Employees Look For Cleaner Offices

Given the growing risk of contracting infections in the current season, people have become more careful than ever about the cleanliness of their workplaces. People look for cleaner offices and even consider switching their jobs if they see unhygienic conditions.

So, regular cleaning and disinfection protocols in the offices are essential to keep the employees comfortable in the workplace with the assurance of their safety.

Preventing Surface Contamination

The current season demands regular cleaning and disinfection, especially when it comes to surface contamination.

The heat waves cause people to sweat more and when they touch the surfaces, the germs lurking around get transmitted thereby creating risks for the spread of infections.

So, following a proper cleaning protocol ensures that you eliminate all the germs lurking around on the surfaces and prevent surface contamination.

The best way to ensure the same is to invest in an advanced surface disinfection program such as an antimicrobial protection program that sets a protective layer on surfaces and automatically kills the germs, bacteria, and viruses when they come in contact with such protected surfaces.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions Can Help

You’ve already seen how essential it is to keep up with a proper cleaning protocol, both for safety and employee retention and productivity. However, following through on the discrete needs for cleaning and disinfection amidst the pandemic threat can be difficult.

You need a regular cleaning staff and support to keep up with these protocols. However, having an in-house staff will be a costly investment. The best option is to outsource your cleaning to a commercial cleaning service like AmeriStar Facility Solutions.

They have been in the industry for a long time and know all the cleaning measures and protocols to be followed for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in commercial spaces.

They also offer an Antimicrobial Protection Program to prevent surface contamination and help match the cleaning needs and protocols for the current season.

You can get in touch with them and book an appointment in any of the following ways:

Final Words

The current season comes with a lot more risks for the pandemic upsurge given the experiences of the last two seasons. The last two seasons experienced new waves of the virus and with the way new cases are emerging, there’s a possibility of another wave this season, if we are not careful.

So, it’s essential to match the cleaning protocols with the current season to maintain safety and keep things as normal as possible. This is especially important in commercial spaces where foot traffic is much higher than in any other place.

With proper cleaning and disinfection practices that focus on eliminating surface contamination and air-borne transmission of the virus, we can maintain a safer environment for everyone.

So, invest in the right cleaning protocols and practices and stay safe from the risk of any infections or diseases!