Why Is Data Validation Important to Building Cleanliness

Cleanliness has become more essential than it ever was. The employees or customers wouldn’t walk into a workplace or a commercial premise where cleanliness is not maintained.

However, maintaining these high levels of cleanliness and hygiene has not been easy. Commercial business owners have to go through many procedures and protocols to meet the cleaning requirements and even after doing everything sometimes it seems as though the cleaning is not enough.

Well, this can be changed through proper data validation from time to time. Now, if you are wondering what data validation is and how it helps to build cleanliness, you are in the right place.

In this article, we will talk all about the importance of data validation in building and maintaining cleanliness. But let’s first understand what data validation means.

What is Cleaning & Disinfecting Data Validation

Data validation, as its name itself suggests, is the process of verifying data related to cleaning and its maintenance in a certain premise or facility.

This best works for antimicrobial protection programs. In such programs, a disinfectant solution is used to charge surfaces with a positive charge so that when they come in contact with a negative charge they can kill the negative charge and keep the premises protected and free from the risk of infections.

These antimicrobial solutions can last for almost a month. However, it’s essential to track their performance and see how efficient they are in killing germs and bacteria. This tracking is done through the data available in the tracking systems set up in the facility or organization during the antimicrobial program.

As the tracking system captures data, you can analyze the situation and accordingly implement further cleaning plans and procedures on the premises.

Why is Data Validation Important?

There are many reasons that data validation is important. It shows the authenticity of data and gives a clear outlook of what needs to be done as regards cleaning in the facility or office premises. Herein below is a brief look at the most important benefits of data validation.

Proof of the Efficacy of the Antimicrobial Touchpoint Program

Data validation is verified data in the records of the antimicrobial program. This verified and validated data show when treatment was administered, how it’s working out, and the next date for readministering the treatment. With all these records, you can have a clear view of how the antimicrobial program is working out for your office premises.

There are also detailed reports generated as regards the efficacy of the antimicrobial program. Going through such reports also helps get the necessary insights on the efficacy of the program and helps ensure regular cleaning and disinfection without ever missing a renewal date.

Builds More Confidence

When data is validated, people become more confident about its accuracy. The antimicrobial program kit comes with QR codes that you can scan to see the status of your antimicrobial program online. In this status the system shows validated data regarding the time of antimicrobial protection administration, the results of antimicrobial testing, and the next date for tests.

With the results of antimicrobial testing, finding the right solutions for eliminating the risk of microbes and treating the surface becomes easier and the customers remain more confident about the efficacy of the entire antimicrobial treatment done on the premises.

So, antimicrobial protection is a safe practice in itself and its efficacy is ensured through further data validation. However, who can provide you with such a program with proper data validation? Well, the answer is AmeriStar Facility Solutions!

How Can AmeriStar Facility Solutions Help With Data Validation of Antimicrobial Program

AmeriStar is a professional cleaning company with a brilliant team of expert cleaning professionals who have years of experience in cleaning and administering antimicrobial treatment procedures.

With their expertise and experience, they can set up the antimicrobial program in your premises along with taking all steps for efficient data validation to keep the tracking systems up to date so that you can get constant notifications about testing and its performance which will make it possible for you to never miss out on a date for renewal of the antimicrobial program in your premises.

You can easily access all the data through a QR code scanner that takes you to the dashboard of the antimicrobial program that you have purchased.

All you need to do for getting all this done is to get in touch with AmeriStar Facility Solutions in the following manner:

Once you discuss your requirements with them, they would get you started with the program in no time at all.

Final Thoughts

Antimicrobial protection is the need of the hour, especially for commercial premises. However, there should be something that can constantly measure the efficacy of these programs. This is where data validation techniques through data checking, recording, and monitoring process helps.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand all about data validation in the context of cleaning, and you will be in a better position to apply the same in your offices.