Why Excessive Use of Disinfectants May Cause More Harm than Good
Why Excessive Use of Disinfectants May Cause More Harm than Good

Cleanliness and hygiene have become more important than ever since the pandemic struck the world. Keeping your surroundings clean is the most effective defense against the virus, and everyone has been stressing the importance of regular cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization.

In fact, employees look for cleaner offices and would consider switching their jobs if they don’t see proper cleaning and disinfection practices being followed in their office premises.

So, it becomes essential for you to use disinfectants in your offices to keep the surroundings clean and free from the risks of infections.

However, with our paranoia about being free from the risks of infections and keeping clean and hygienic surroundings, sometimes, we may use excess disinfectant, which is not good either.

Here’s what happens – surface contamination leads to the spread of diseases and infections, which makes it essential to disinfect the surfaces, especially high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs and door handles, tabletops, desks, etc. However, such disinfection is only temporary and will last until someone else touches the surfaces or until the next cough or sneeze in your office, which is a frequent chance in any heavily occupied premise.

Now, you may think that you can simply keep using the disinfectants repeatedly on the surfaces after every use. However, that’s where you are wrong.

Such excessive use of disinfectants will cause more harm than good, given that disinfection solutions and sanitizers have harmful side effects associated with them. Let’s have a deeper study of this fact.

Side Effects of Excessive Use of Disinfectants in Commercial Building

Surface disinfection is temporary, and most people try to combat this issue by continuously using disinfectants on the surfaces. Well, this can be a problem for many reasons, given the following side effects-

Skin and Eye Irritation

Disinfectants can cause irritation, dryness, and redness in the skin and the eyes, primarily upon direct contact. So, it’s essential to use the disinfectant solutions carefully with proper protection for your eyes and skin.

Harmful for Kidneys and Liver

Some disinfectant solutions have stronger chemicals that allow the solutions to stay longer on the surfaces. However, these chemicals get released in the air, especially when used in excessive amounts, and can be harmful to your kidneys and liver.

Respiratory Issues

Even when the disinfectants are used on surfaces, their particles get released into the air. When used in excessive quantities, more particles are released into the air, and inhaling them can cause problems like uncontrolled coughing and sneezing, and other respiratory issues.

Harmful Effects on the Nervous System

Inhaling excessive disinfectant is not only harmful to your respiratory system, but it can also lead to harmful effects on the nervous system and cause problems like dizziness, headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

Cardiac Reactions

Some disinfectant solutions have inflammable compounds in them. In case you inhale such disinfectants due to their excessive usage, it can lead to cardiac reactions.

So, as you can see from the above side effects, using excessive disinfectants harms your body in more ways than you can imagine. However, you cannot ignore the need for sanitization and disinfection either. The need of the hour is to use disinfectants in the correct way, and you could do that by investing in disinfection services that offer antimicrobial cleaning or disinfection programs.

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AmeriStar Facility Solutions Antimicrobial Touchpoint Program

AmeriStar Facility Solutions is a commercial cleaning service engaged in providing end-to-end cleaning and disinfection solutions to commercial offices, premises, and facilities. They have the most experienced cleaning technicians who know their job well and make sure that your offices are disinfected and sanitized in the right manner.

The major highlight of their services is their Antimicrobial Touchpoint Program, in which they focus on surface cleaning and disinfection in three phases, i.e., test, treat, and track.

Firstly, they will test the surfaces for the presence of active bioburdens like bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Next, they’ll treat the surfaces using a surface protectant that is applied through an electrostatic sprayer that ensures that the surface protectant stays on the surfaces for a longer time. Finally, they’ll regularly test the surfaces for their active bioburden levels to continuously track the protection offered within the Antimicrobial program.

With this planned disinfection service, you can ensure that disinfectants are used correctly within your premises so that they do only good and eliminate all the harm that comes from improper and excessive use of disinfectants.

Final Words

As much as disinfectants can protect you from the risks of infections and diseases, their excessive use will cause some other problems and diseases. If you want to ensure that the disinfectants don’t harm you, the best way is to invest in disinfection services from companies like AmeriStar Facility Solutions.

AmeriStar will definitely be a great option to look out for, especially with their Antimicrobial Touchpoint Program.

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