Why Having Layers of Protection Help Fight Against Infections
Why Does Having Multiple Layers of Protection Help Fight Against Infections Within Your Commercial Facility?

Ever since the pandemic, we have been more concerned about infections and diseases and want to follow every possible measure to prevent ourselves from the risks. As such, using gloves, masks, and other products as layers of protective measures has become very common.

Social distancing is seen as one of the most effective measures for preventing infections. Moreover, masks and gloves add an additional protective layer to save the risks of infection spread. 

Not only that, the use of sanitizers and other disinfection solutions is also seen as an effective measure to fight against infections as it provides a protective layer and helps kill bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing pathogens that pass upon contact.

Besides that, using protective layers on surfaces to prevent surface contamination has also become popular with techniques such as electrostatic disinfection, antimicrobial protection programs, etc.

However, one might wonder if these layers of protection really help fight against infections? Well, for a fact, they do!

When you add multiple layers of protection, you remain safer and less prone to catching diseases and infections.

Let us get into more details by having a look at how different layers of protection help fight against infections.

How Do Multiple Layers of Protection Help Keep Infections Away in your Commercial Propety

When it comes to adding layers of protection, you can do it in multiple ways. Not only can you use masks and gloves as personal protective layers, but you can also add layers of protection to the surfaces in your surroundings and ensure higher protection against diseases and infections.

Here is how every layer of protection helps fight and eliminate infections-

Masks and Gloves Help Prevent Any Direct Contact With Disease-Causing Microbes

Bacteria and viruses can easily spread on contact or through air currents. When you talk, or an infected person around you coughs or sneezes, the disease-causing bacteria and viruses pass in the air. Now when you directly inhale this infected air, you remain at the risk of catching an infection.

However, if you’re wearing a mask, the mask will filter the infected air and protect you against the infection.

Similar is the case with wearing gloves. You never know who has touched a surface or what surface anyone has touched before shaking hands with you. So, it’s always safer to not come in direct contact with anyone to prevent any spread of infections through touch.

Wearing gloves helps with the same while adding a protective layer to help fight infections.

Protective Layers on Surfaces Can Instantly Kill Bacteria and Viruses Coming In Contact With Them

Let’s face it, we cannot keep wearing masks and gloves all the time. However, what we can do is add protective layers on surfaces to prevent surface contamination.

With the advancement in science and technology, there are many advanced cleaning techniques such as electrostatic disinfection that add a protective layer on the surfaces.

The technique involves applying a cleaning solution to the surfaces using an electrostatic disinfection device. The device leaves a positive charge on the surface, covering it from all sides. So, as and when a negative charge comes in contact with such a protected surface, the positive charge kills the same.

This protective layer is effective for as many as 30 days. So, you can arrange it as a cycle and ensure that your surfaces are always covered with a protective layer thereby keeping the risks of surface contamination away.

Using sanitizers works in the same manner. Sanitizers have a positive charge in them. So, when you apply them to your hands, they kill all the bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing microbes and add a protective layer.

However, while having layers of protection helps fight against infections, it’s essential to use all such products very carefully.

Excessive use of masks and gloves can lead to skin problems, especially during summers due to sweating. The use of sanitizers must also be moderated, else it can lead to burning and irritation of the skin.

Besides that, electrostatic disinfection techniques require expertise to be deployed correctly. Any misuse or overuse of antimicrobial solutions during electrostatic disinfection can cause issues such as antimicrobial resistance.

So, everything needs to be done with care and proper assistance. When it comes to electrostatic disinfection, you can seek help from AmeriStar Facility Solution.

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Final Words

Given the health risks, it’s always important to stay protected from diseases and infections. Having layers of protection in the form of masks and gloves and using other ways to protect surfaces is helpful in fighting infections. Moreover, such methods are easy to follow.

So, follow all protective measures and keep yourself safe from any risks of infections and diseases.