Why Are Antimicrobial Programs a Long-Term Solution to Disinfecting?
Why Are Antimicrobial Programs a Long-Term Solution to Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfection have become the need of the hour ever since the coronavirus pandemic. Maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene are the most effective defenses against the virus. Moreover, it will also help contain the risks of other contagious diseases like flu, influenza, etc.

However, the regular cleaning protocols that we put in place no longer remain effective against such viruses. While cleaning the surfaces can help get rid of the dirt and filth on them, it does not effectively eliminate the bacteria, viruses, germs, pathogens, and other harmful microbes lurking on them.

So, it becomes important that we take to stronger and more effective solutions and protocols for the elimination of such harmful, disease-causing microbes. The most important factor here will be to look for long-term solutions rather than tying yourself to regular cleaning and disinfection schedules. The regular use of disinfectants is not recommended also because it can lead to excessive use and cause more harm than good. 

As you look forward to incorporating long-term solutions for disinfecting your offices, the best idea will be to invest in Antimicrobial Cleaning Programs.

What Are Antimicrobial Cleaning Programs

Antimicrobial Cleaning Programs are an advanced technique of cleaning and disinfection that use strong disinfectants and antimicrobial solutions to eliminate germs and microbes on the surfaces while slowing down their spread by activating a positive charge on the surfaces that kills microbes as soon as they come in contact with it.

How Do Antimicrobial Programs Work

Now, as we mentioned that antimicrobial programs are a long-term solution to cleaning. Well, the question is how, and the answer lies in the way such programs work.

Generally, all antimicrobial programs follow a similar approach wherein they test the surfaces for the contamination level and treat them using advanced disinfection techniques such as electrostatic disinfection.

The disinfectants used in such programs have a longer life. These disinfectants are not the simpler ones that wane off after the next touch. Instead, the electrostatic disinfection techniques used to apply the disinfectants on the surface within the antimicrobial programs ensure that the disinfectants remain effective for as many as 30 days.

So, even if the surfaces are constantly touched, the microbes left on the surface get killed due to the presence of a positive charge on them.

Moreover, these programs also put in place a system for tracking the effect of antimicrobial treatment on the surfaces and treating the surfaces again, soon after the effect of the first application starts to wear off.

With such a process in place, you can constantly remain assured of the safety of the surfaces from the risk of contamination which makes such programs a long-term disinfection solution.

Where to Get an Effective Antimicrobial Program

Now that you’ve seen how beneficial antimicrobial programs can be for disinfecting your premises for the long term, you surely want to know where you can get such a program. Well, one of the best options that we can recommend is AmeriStar Facility Solutions.

They are the leading company for commercial cleaning and the USA and have the best-in-class services and programs for cleaning and disinfection.

Their Antimicrobial Touchpoint Program is the best in the industry for controlling and preventing surface contamination.

They follow a Test-Treat-Track procedure which forms the basic guideline for any antimicrobial program.

From starting to test your surfaces for their active bioburden levels to treating them with advanced electrostatic disinfection technique to finally setting up a system for tracking the efficacy of antimicrobial solution on the surfaces over the long-term and making sure that the surfaces remain free of any active bioburden, they do it all.

You can reach out to them for discussing their Antimicrobial Program in the following ways-

In addition to providing such an advanced solution for long-term disinfection of your premises, they are also engaged in providing other cleaning and disinfection services to help keep your offices safe, healthy, and hygienic.

Final Words

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential to prevent yourself and others from risk of harmful diseases and infections. With the threats becoming more severe, it’s essential that we take to stronger and long-term solutions for cleaning and disinfection to ensure that we are safe from the risks of contamination and the spread of infections.

An antimicrobial program from AmeriStar is an effective and long-term defense to try out.

It will not only treat the surfaces and eliminate microbes and pathogens from them but it will ensure that the treatment stays for a long time and even continuously track the surfaces for their active bioburden levels and work on eliminating them with regular application of the disinfectants in a scheduled manner.

With constant effort and planning, we can prevent ourselves from the risks of diseases and infections. We hope this article was helpful and you’re all set to invest in an antimicrobial program for effective and long-term disinfection of your offices.