Understanding How Germs Spread in Your Office
What are the Pathways that Germs Spread Through

Germs and microorganisms are invisible to the naked eye and so you never know when they replicate themselves and spread in the surroundings causing various diseases and infections. The disease can be acute or chronic and in both ways, it is dangerous for an individual’s health and well-being. 

Consequently, it is necessary to know the pathways via which the germs spread and prevent them from replicating. Let us know the pathways that germs spread through. 

5 Common Pathways that Germs Spread Throughout Your Workplace

The most commonly known pathway for the spread of germs is from an infected person to other family members, friends, or colleagues. Dirty surroundings and unhygienic living conditions result in the spread of infection and diseases.

Further, the bacteria gets transferred to healthy people, making them ill or unhealthy. Following are the five common pathways that germs spread through. 

Hands to Food

Whenever an infected person does not wash his or her hands before preparing food or immediately preparing food after using the toilet without even washing hands, the allergens, bacteria, and viruses get transferred from the hands of the person to the food. 

Further, when the food is eaten by other members of the family, the germs enter their bodies and infect them. This results in the unwanted spread of diseases in an individual. However, it can be easily prevented by washing hands regularly before preparing a meal and before eating the meal too.

From an Infected Person to a Healthy Person 

Another common pathway through which germs spread is from an infected person to a healthy person. If a person is suffering from cough, cold and continuous sneezing, the droplets are spread in the surroundings if a person does not make use of a handkerchief or cover his face with his hands. As a result, the germs replicate themselves in the body of a healthy person.

Likewise, if you have a habit of continuously touching your face or rubbing your eyes from time to time and you do it after shaking hands or coming in physical contact with an infected person, you are likely to catch a disease. To prevent that, you should avoid shaking hands and you must wash your hands properly with soap and water after regular intervals.

Pet Animals to People

Most of us have pets at our place and we often neglect the fact if they are clean and healthy or not. Being an animal, they might come in contact with a number of unhealthy surroundings every day. Therefore, you must ensure to not touch them every now and then. Even if you do, you should wash your hands after petting animals or touching any surface they encounter. This can prevent the spread of bacteria and allergens.

Unhygienic Living Conditions 

If your surroundings are not clean and disinfected, it is likely that the air would contain allergens and bacteria that can replicate and spread via air. It would result in making a healthy person infected and the person might catch diseases that are hard to recover from. 

Also, if you have small children, the infection and germs can spread easily if proper cleanliness is not maintained. For instance, if you do not wash your hands after changing diapers or after feeding food to a kid, it can cause diseases to an individual. 

From Untreated Wounds or Cuts 

Germs can enter our bodies and replicate themselves from untreated wounds or cuts. A wound needs proper care and treatment until it gets healed completely. If not, the wound or cut can result in the spread of germs in the body of an individual. Germs can spread via animal bites or infected syringes as well.

Therefore, it is advised to clean the wound properly as the first step towards healing the wound. Moreover, you must make sure that no insect or fly should sit on the wound and make it worse. Also, you should prevent going to congested, shabby, and dirty places to heal the wound sooner and prevent the spread of germs and infections. 

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Germs and allergens can spread in a surrounding via various pathways. Most times we neglect washing hands after sneezing, coughing, or using a toilet, and this results in an immediate spread of germs which cause infections thereafter. It is necessary to have a clean living environment to ensure that the germs do not spread around you.