Understanding the Importance of Workplace Cleanliness
Understanding the Importance of Workplace Cleanliness

You might have created a company around a fantastic product or concept. You might have accomplished the city’s coolest workplace remodel. You might have even created the best chicken sandwich ever, but it has already been done. But regardless of how fantastic you may think your business or organization is, how does it come across to others around you? Specifically, your team members and clients. It is common to underestimate the importance of workplace cleanliness, often with disastrous results, and its influence on people who can either sink you or assist you soar.

The leading cleaning industry association in the world, Ameristar Facility Solutions, puts the benefit of Clean into perspective by demonstrating how workplace cleanliness has a genuine and quantifiable benefit.

Employee Performance

There is no doubt about the influence of a clean workplace on productivity or the bottom line of a business. Sick workers cost the company money due to a variety of factors, including dust exposure, which can impair cognitive abilities like typing and creative thinking, and cold and flu symptoms caused by the billions of invisible germs and viruses that exist in offices. Unplanned absences from work result in a 54 percent decline in productivity and a 39 percent drop in sales, according to ISSA. Companies lose more than $225 BILLION annually due to employees using more than seven sick days each year!

On the other hand, a workplace that is regularly and effectively cleaned and sanitized reduces the risk of contracting the cold or flu by 80%, the number of viruses on surfaces by 62 percent, and absenteeism by 46%. More green will keep you in the black, so to speak.

Employee Comfort

The lack of cleanliness in the workplace will eventually have an impact on your current personnel, as well as the workforce you will recruit. It can be quick, it might be gradual. Even while some workers grow accustomed to wastebaskets that are never empty, filthy dishes in the sink in the break rooms, and dust bunnies in the corners (it starts to feel like home), this will be an immediate turn-off to potential employees. Imagine entering an office and finding (or smelling!) a messy setting. It not only demonstrates that the business doesn’t take pride in itself, but it also conveys the idea that the welfare and comfort of its workers aren’t significant. Physical surroundings have an impact on both physical and mental health, and when employees spend the majority of their workday in an unclean environment, it will result in low morale, negativity, and soon, employee turnover.

Customer Retention

Your workplace cleanliness is definitely noticed by your customers and speaks directly to how well — or how little — they think of you and how likely they are to continue doing business with you. This is true regardless of whether there is trash on the curb outside, a musty smell inside, stained carpets, or a restroom that is either out of toilet tissue and soap or has overflowing trash bins.

Customers in the retail sector ranked cleanliness as the most crucial factor in determining where to shop, and 60% responded that a store’s atmosphere encouraged them to make more purchases within a month. Customer satisfaction in the food industry is highest when it comes to cleanliness. 

Our goal as Ameristar Facility Solutions is to clean, sterilize, and safeguard your company. With our restroom hygiene services, you not only safeguard your brand but also help your bottom line by prioritizing the health and safety of your patrons and staff.

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