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Tips for Creating a Healthy Commercial Building

Health has become a concern for every person, now, more than it had ever been. Amidst the risk of spread of the novel coronavirus, every person wants to stay in a healthy environment free from risks of infections and outbreaks.

In the wake of the same, creating healthy buildings for all becomes more essential than ever. Until now, the health of a building was not much considered, though; however, attention must be paid to it. We spend most of our time indoors, so it’s a must that the indoor environment is hygienic, safe, and healthy.

Research has shown that the buildings that are not designed keeping health aspects in consideration become harmful for their occupants in the longer run. This is evident in the “sick building syndrome,” where some people feel unwell and face symptoms like breathlessness, running nose, coughing, sneezing, headaches, nausea, etc., in a particular building.

So, it’s about time that we start giving importance to creating healthier buildings. But how could you do that? Well, know everything by having a further read of this article for the most amazing tips for creating a healthy building.

Tips for Creating a Healthy Building

When you’re creating a building, it all comes down to its design. You just need to take care of several things in the design of the buildings, and you’re well set on the path of making it healthy and safe for its occupants. Here are the tips to help you ensure that you’re designing and creating a healthy building in all aspects.

Make Sure of Proper Air Ventilation and Purification

Most pathogens and diseases causing germs are airborne, and they further travel through the air currents and settle on the surfaces. So, the first thing you need to ensure in a building is installing proper air purification systems in place.

The air purification systems will eliminate the bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from the air and ensure that the premises are surrounded by fresh and pure air.

In addition to air purification, proper ventilation is also essential so that the air currents move freely throughout the premises and make sure that the building is filled with fresh air optimally.

You can even install indoor plants in the buildings. Many indoor plants have air purification qualities. Such plants will help maintain the health of the building as well as add to its aesthetics.

Ensure Regular Cleaning, Sanitization, and Disinfection

While the air purifiers purify the air and make it safer, germs remain settled on the surfaces. These surfaces are always high touch point areas, especially doorknobs and handles, tables, desks, chairs, etc.

As you come in contact with these surfaces, the germs and pathogens transfer into your body. This can cause infection and make you sick. So, it becomes important to address these surfaces and clear them of contaminants.

As such, regular cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces in any facility or building are crucial for keeping it safe and healthy. You need to be consistent with vacuuming and dusting and make sure that the surfaces are always clear of dust and dirt.

Ensure Proper Floor Maintenance

Germs not only spread by contact through hands, but they can spread from right under our feet as well. As you move around the buildings, the foot traffic exerts pressure on the floor. Owing to that, the dirt from the soles of shoes sticks to the surface and cervix of the floors. This comes as a start of bacteria and viruses breeding on the floors of your building.

Additionally, spills and splits on the floor contribute to germs breeding as well. So, if you leave the floor unattended, the building would become extremely unhealthy and unsanitary. Henceforth, it’s essential that you ensure proper floor maintenance.

You must take care of the regular cleaning and mopping of the floors and invest in deeper cleaning to remove debris deposited between tile gaps. The spills must be attended to almost instantaneously so that no stain remains on the floor.

Additionally, a floor health check at regular intervals ensures that the floor is not damaged. In case it is, you can take steps for replacement as well.

Take Away

The aforementioned are some tips that you could follow for creating a healthy building.

Basically, it all comes down to cleanliness. Regular cleaning, disinfection, and purification within a building are necessary to keep it healthy and sanitary. Additionally, you must perform regular health checks for buildings too to keep a tab on their health and mitigate any deviations.

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All the Best for Creating Healthy and Safe Buildings!