National Cleaning Week - March 27th to April 2nd
National Cleaning Week – March 27th to April 2nd

Spring is around the corner, and so is the 4th week of March. Among other things, this also means the start of the National Cleaning Week.

Every year, the National Cleaning Week begins with the fourth Sunday of March and goes on for the entire week. It serves as an excellent opportunity to let go of the winter weariness and welcome the warm and pleasing season of spring.

Moreover, it becomes more important after the pandemic given that, among other things, the pandemic threat has taught us the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, and we know that keeping our environment clean is more important than ever for our health and well-being.

However, what’s the best way to observe and celebrate National Cleaning Week, especially as a huge corporate organization?

Well, here are some tips that you can use!

Tips to Observe National Cleaning Week in Your Corporate Office

Being a corporate, it’s your responsibility to be a part of National Events, especially when they are for a social cause.

Cleaning is essential to maintain a good and healthy environment. Moreover, observing cleaning during the spring is an age-old tradition and culture. It helps put away the gloomy and weary vibe set during the winters and acts as an excellent exercise to enter the new season of blooming and flowering with more positivity.

However, as a corporate, it can become quite confusing to find out ways to observe the National Cleaning Week. But we’ve got you covered! If you’ve run out of ideas to celebrate National Cleaning Week this year, the tips hereinbelow might come in handy. So, go on, have a read! 

Encourage Your Staff to Clean Up Their Spaces

The office spaces and desks can get cluttered during winters due to the laziness spread in the atmosphere. It’s essential to get rid of such clutters. So, you can encourage your staff to look through their desks and cabins and clean up their spaces.

Planning a cleaning drive on a particular day of the week where the entire staff gathers to declutter their office space can be a good idea.

Appreciate Your Cleaning Staff

You definitely have cleaning staff employed in your offices to take care of regular cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization. However, you may hardly take time to appreciate them for the fantastic job they do keeping your office clean, hygienic, and accommodating. The National Cleaning Week can be a good time to appreciate them.

You can say words of praise to them, offer them gifts, bonuses, or incentives, help them with the cleaning activities, or think about some other things to show your gratitude towards your cleaning staff.

Book a Full Office Cleaning and Disinfection Service

Winters are times when harmful microorganisms, germs, bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing pathogens breed more easily due to the persistent moisture in the atmosphere. As spring comes, the heat begins affecting and killing such germs and pathogens.

However, it’s always a safe option to disinfect your offices to get entirely rid of the risks. What could be a better time for such disinfection than the National Cleaning Week?

It would be an excellent idea to book a disinfection service for end-to-end cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization of your offices during the National Cleaning Week so that your offices are readier than ever to welcome the warm, pleasing, positive, and healthy vibes of the spring season.

You can book such services with Ameristar Facility Solutions. They are a known name in the cleaning industry and have been engaged in providing corporate cleaning services for years. They have the best tools and equipment for cleaning and disinfection.

A major highlight of their cleaning and disinfection strategy is the “Antimicrobial” application that lasts for 30days. 

It’s a solution that sticks to the surfaces and ensures no microbes and viruses contaminate it. With that approach, you can assure increased safety and hygiene in your office premises.

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Final Words

Cleanliness and hygiene have always been an integral part of our lives, and it’s more important than ever to maintain clean surroundings by disinfection every possible place so that we don’t suffer another wave of the deadly virus and remain in good health and well-being.

National Cleaning Week is a good time for such cleaning and disinfection. You can do it yourself or book professional cleaning services such as Ameristar Facility Solutions. Whatever you decide, ensure that you observe the National Cleaning Week to the best of your abilities and bless yourself and your employees with a clean, hygienic, and positive atmosphere at your office.