Most Forgotten Areas in your Office that Needs Cleaning
Most Forgotten Areas in your Office that Needs Cleaning

Cleaning is a very important activity, and it becomes more important in a commercial space that is occupied by a huge crowd. When there are more people occupying a space, it is more prone to getting dirty and infected, and thus cleaning and disinfection become a more vital activity.

It is for this reason that most organizations have either in-house cleaning staff or a professional cleaning service for constant and continuous cleaning and disinfection within their office and commercial spaces.

However, when cleaning activities are in their flow, there are often places that are missed out on the cleaning process. What are these places and how far do they affect the advanced level of cleanliness? Well, this article will talk about the most common areas that are usually forgotten about when cleaning and why these areas must not be forgotten.

What Areas Do You Forget About When Cleaning?

It is natural to forget some areas when you’re cleaning. It could be those deep dark corners that are difficult to reach or some other lesser-seen areas or some areas that you might just ignore thinking that they don’t really require cleaning. Whatever the case, there are areas that you forget to clean, and that affects the cleanliness and hygiene of a room.

So, it’s essential to know such areas so that you don’t forget them the next time you’re cleaning. Well, here are all such common areas that you need to know.

Doorknobs and Door Handles

Doorknobs and door handles are the most common areas that are forgotten when cleaning. These are small and tiny and the cleaner would hardly ever notice them when cleaning. However, it’s a big mistake to avoid doorknobs and door handles while cleaning.

Doorknobs and door handles are highly touched surfaces. People constantly touch them to open and close the doors when moving in and out. So, germs and bacteria pass from people to the doorknobs and door handles and settle on them.

If these are not cleaned, it would cause transmission of germs and bacteria thereby leading to infection spread. 

It is, therefore, necessary to clean doorknobs and door handles and in fact, disinfect them with proper disinfection solutions so that the germs and bacteria on them could be killed and there are no risks of the spread of infections and diseases through these high-touch surfaces.

Spaces Between the Blinds and Curtains

The blinds used in offices are another area that is left our from cleaning. However, that’s really harmful. The spaces between the blinds will get covered with dirt and dust and over time it can form mold and mildew. Moreover, the dirt and dust collected between the spaces can give a very dirty and unhygienic look to the blinds.

It is therefore necessary to clean these spaces and possibly disinfect them so that any molds, mildew, bacteria, and viruses residing on them are killed. The easiest way to get these spaces cleaned is to drop the blinds at a blind cleaning service so that you don’t have to worry about any work at all.

Air Filters and Vents

The next most important space that you are forgetting to clean is the air filters and vents in your heating and air conditioning systems. The entire ductwork will be connected to your office and as the system’s filter out the air, dirt, dust, pollens, and other harmful substances get collected in them. It is essential to clean out all these things from the air duct to ensure that safe and filtered air is being transmitted into the offices so that there are no risks of disease and infection transmission.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions Can Help With The Cleaning

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Final Words

It’s easy and common to forget some areas when cleaning, but when you have a checklist, you won’t forget them. Another way to not forget even the smallest areas when cleaning is to hire a professional cleaning service like AmeriStar Facility Solutions which has expert cleaners who maintain the utmost and most advanced level of cleaning in the offices, not leaving out even the most difficult-to-reach corners.

So, have professional cleaners and make sure that no area in your offices is left unclean.