Keeping Your Custodians and Janitorial Staff Safe and Healthy
Keeping Your Custodians and Janitorial Staff Safe and Healthy

“Safe and Healthy Environment” that’s what has become a major priority for everyone. Cleanliness and hygiene have become more important and crucial than ever, and that puts a lot of burden on the custodian staff to maintain the safety that’s demanded of a workplace.

Every office and facility is all about putting up cleaning plans and routines in place and embracing all safety measures and protocols to keep their working environment as clean, hygienic, and healthy as possible. However, in putting up attempts to achieve this cleanliness, the custodian staff, the very people responsible for working for everyone else’s safety and health, is often overlooked.

While there are cleaning plans in place and policies to provide safer work environments to every employee and visitor in commercial places, there’s hardly any thought given to the safety of the custodian staff that’s keeping up with the following and maintenance of these safety protocols.

Speaking of that, it’s time that some measures be taken for keeping your custodian staff safe and healthy as well. So, what can you do? Well, have a read to find your answers.

How to Keep Your Custodian Staff Safe and Healthy?

All it would require for you to keep your custodian staff safe and healthy is to put some policies and practices in place for them in your offices, just like you have for the other employees and staff. This will include making room for sick leaves, training to work with new cleaning procedures and equipment, and other things like that.

Let’s have a look at everything you can do for keeping your custodian staff safe and healthy.

Provide the Staff Training About New Cleaning Procedures and Protocols

The cleaning procedures and protocols have taken a drastic shift. Everything has changed a lot, and your custodian staff surely must be facing difficulty in adapting to the changes. You can make things easier for them by providing the relevant training.

You can educate the staff about the new procedures and protocols and train them on how to best follow them. Most of the time, disasters happen because the staff is not well aware of using cleaning stuff and equipment the right way. There could be chemical spills or other incidents like that if the staff is not well trained. 

So, to maintain and keep the safety of every person in your facility, it will be in your best interest to go on with the relevant and necessary training for your custodian staff.

Install Safer Cleaning Chemicals, Materials, and Other Equipment

Cleaning involves the use of chemicals, acids, and other such materials. The best way to ensure the safety of the custodian staff as they use these items is to make sure that these items themselves are safe to use in the first place.

Make sure that you’re not getting any harsh or toxic chemicals or materials for cleaning purposes. Similarly, install the cleaning equipment that’s safe to use and will not cause the custodian staff much trouble or hassle.

With safer equipment and materials for cleaning, you’re taking good care of the entire custodian staff that’s engaged in maintaining the cleanliness in your facility and offices.

Put a Leave Policy in Place

While there are strict leave policies for all other employees, not much thought is given to the leave policies for the custodian staff. Well, it’s time you change that. The custodian staff is as human as any other departmental staff in your workplace.

While taking care of the health of every other person in the offices, the custodian staff is most exposed to diseases and infections. In that case, there must be proper policies in place to provide them sick days in case they need them.

If any person on your custodian staff is working despite illness, it’s causing exposure to the entire staff and all other people in the facility too. So, you must prevent such exposures, and the best way to do that is by putting a leave policy in place for the custodian staff.

This way, the custodian staff will not only be able to be safer and healthier but will also feel valued in your offices.

Outsource Your Custodian Staff

Now, while the other ways require you to keep up with practices within your office, this is an easy way out to keep your offices clean while also making sure that the custodian staff is keeping safe and healthy. You can outsource the entire custodian staff from companies like Ameristar Facility Solutions.

Ameristar Facility Solutions has a team of dedicated and expert professionals who’ll handle end-to-end cleaning and maintenance requirements in your offices, and their safety will be a concern for the company. If you’re looking for such outsourcing, reach out to Ameristar in the following ways-

Final Words

Your custodian staff does everything for keeping your entire office a safe and healthy place to work in. But they’ll be able to do that efficiently only when they’re themselves safe and healthy. With proper protocols and measures, you’ll easily be able to keep your custodian staff safe and healthy. Additionally, you can get help with Ameristar Facility Solutions.

So, take it upon yourself and put in policies, measures, and protocols to keep your custodian staff safe, healthy, and efficient.