Janitorial Cleaning for Infection Prevention
Infection Prevention Basics for Healthier Commercial Cleaning

Cleanliness and hygiene have become more essential than ever in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. When no one was able to understand and contain the spread of the virus, maintaining cleanliness came as the most effective defense against it. It helped mitigate infection spread and make sure people are safe and protected.

Even now, effective cleaning has the same importance. We are still not entirely free from the risk of the virus. There are new cases coming out even to this date. Besides coronavirus, there are other infections like flu, etc., to that can spread if we’re not careful.

So, cleanliness will remain ever so important for containing and mitigating infections.

However, simple cleaning is no longer what we need. The need of the hour is to resort to more advanced and effective cleaning measures and techniques that include sanitization, surface disinfection, air purification, etc.

Such effective cleaning is the key component of infection mitigation. Why? Well, that’s what this article is going to answer.

3 Reasons Janitorial Cleaning Helps With Infection Mitigation

Infection mitigation is essential to make sure of a healthy environment within your facility. Since commercial facilities are heavily occupied, they need a lot more than simple regular cleaning. What’s required in such facilities is more effective cleaning with advanced cleaning measures, procedures, and techniques.

Let’s discuss why such effective cleaning is important to containing and mitigating infections in commercial facilities and premises.

Helps Manage Surface Contamination Through Surface Disinfection

Germs, pathogens, and infection-causing microorganisms can easily settle on different high-touch surfaces such as tabletops, door handles, doorknobs, desks, chairs, etc.

In commercial premises, people come more frequently in contact with such surfaces which leads to faster transfer of germs and pathogens due to surface contamination.

Surface disinfection is the best way to prevent such infection spread and transmission. More advanced and effective surface disinfection and sanitization techniques like electrostatic disinfection or antimicrobial protection programs help spread a protective layer on the surfaces thereby killing bacteria, viruses, and other infection-causing germs and pathogens on the surfaces while also ensuring to prevent further spread of such viruses.

Such protection is the perfect defense against surface contamination.

Helps Keep the Air Purified

Effective cleaning measures keep the germs and pathogens away from the surfaces which also ensures the purification of air. Moreover, air purifiers can be installed in the facilities to make sure that the air in the surroundings is clean and safe to breathe.

Such attention towards maintaining proper and healthy air quality on the premises helps mitigate infections as you can be assured that there’s no airborne transmission of germs and pathogens nor can they settle on the surfaces.

It also helps prevent a situation called sick building syndrome which causes symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache, breathing difficulty, irritation in the eyes and skin, etc., within a particular building.

Helps Keep the Facilities Safe for Use for A Longer Time

Using effective cleaning methods like air purification, electrostatic disinfection, and antimicrobial protection for infection mitigation helps keep the facility safe for use for longer periods of time as such methods leave their effect for a longer duration.

So, once you’re done with the cleaning, you can sit back and relax and ensure regular cleaning like always to make sure that the infections are mitigated thoroughly.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions Can Help

It’s clear from the foregoing discussion that effective cleaning is a key component of infection mitigation. If you want to contain the spread of infections, you’ll have to resort to more effective and efficient cleaning measures like electrostatic disinfection and antimicrobial protection.

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Final Words

Infection spread is common in commercial facilities due to the huge crowd coming in and out of these premises. However, with some effective cleaning measures that use advanced