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Infection Control: Commercial Flooring Solutions for Long-Term Protection

In the wake of the pandemic upsurge, infection control and protection have become more important than ever. The environment is polluted, and we’re surrounded by germs, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens and contaminants. As we come in contact with these contaminants, an infection can spread before we even realize it.

It’s common knowledge that most germs and pathogens are airborne, and as the particles travel through air currents, they settle on surfaces at some point in time. So, air purification and surface disinfection become necessary.

As such, every commercial premise installs purification systems and takes measures for disinfecting high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and handles, desks, tables, and chairs, etc. However, most people don’t realize that these are not the only surfaces that carry risks of infections. One surface that’s more prone than ever to infection is right under our feet.

Yes, the floors in any premise are as infected as any other surface due to the extreme foot traffic in the premises. As you move from places, the contaminants stick to your shoes, and when you move around, they stick to the floors and become a cause for the spread of infection.

While regular mopping of floors is taken care of, it’s never enough. In addition to regular mopping, high-level sanitization and disinfection are required. The need is to ensure strong floor maintenance to prevent infection spread. When you maintain the floors as needed, you can see boosted infection control.

But what more could you do to maintain your floors other than cleaning them regularly. Well, the point is, floor maintenance is a lot more than that.

What is Floor Maintenance?

As its name suggests, Floor Maintenance refers to keeping the floors of a premise or building in the right order as regards its cleanliness, shine, and hygiene.

As the floors experience foot traffic, they get dirty and start losing their shine. Moreover, dust and dirt particles start depositing in between the gaps of the tiles. These not only make the floor look dirty but are also a home for germs and bacteria.

Floor maintenance considers deeper cleaning of all this dirt and debris deposited between floor gaps and restoring the shine. Additionally, regular maintenance also ensures that the tiles don’t get damaged and save the need to replace tiles over short periods.

How Does Floor Maintenance Boost Infection Control?

Floor maintenance goes a long way towards keeping the floor free from dust, debris, and damage, which helps in effective infection control. Here’s how proper floor maintenance will help boost infection control.

Eliminate Dirt and Debris from Tile Gaps

More than its presence on the surface, dirt, and dust get deposited in the tile gaps. While regular mopping and vacuuming clear the surface, it never goes deeper into the tile gaps. So, the dirt and dust form debris which serve as a home to infection-causing bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.

When you practice floor maintenance, you go deeper into cleaning the floors, and through proper sanitization and cleaning, ensure eliminating dirt and debris from within the tile gaps. This elimination ultimately eliminates the harmful germs, thereby preventing infections.

Prevents Floors from Damage and Splits

Damaged and Split floors are more harmful than you may ever think. There’s always a possibility of getting hurt on such floors – your leg might get twisted in a split, you may slip and get badly hurt, or you may even break a bone, for all you know.

But that’s not it!

Split and damaged floors are also a home for germs and pathogens. Just like dirt gets accumulated in tile gaps, it will get deposited in the splits. Moreover, if the splits are larger, there are possibilities of water deposits in them which will stale over time. All of this is enough to cause and spread infections.

Floor maintenance basically helps you keep a strong foundation on the floors. So, you can easily manage and prevent splits and damages. Moreover, the floors will last for longer periods of time.

With well-prevented and strong floors having no splits in them, there’s no space for bacteria and virus build-up, and infections remain well in control.

So floor maintenance really makes it possible to boost infection control by keeping the dust and dirt out of the way through deeper cleaning and strengthening of floors. Now the question is, how do you maintain these floors? Let’s have a look!

How to Keep Up with Floor Maintenance?

There are a few simple things that you can follow for proper floor maintenance. Here are some basics.

Regular Cleaning, Sanitization, and Disinfection

First and foremost, you need to ensure regular cleaning. Wet mopping and dry mopping both are necessary for floor maintenance so that no dust and dirt remain. Along with mopping, deeper cleaning is also important so that no dirt remains within the tile gaps.

Additionally, ensure sanitization and disinfection of the floor at regular time intervals. Once or twice a week can be a good frequency to maintain.

Addressing the Spills Immediately

You never want to leave spills on the floor unattended for longer time periods. They would dry, and then cleaning would become difficult. If these dry spills are not cleaned properly, the residue will give the bacteria and viruses breeding space.

So, it’s best to clean the spills almost immediately and then sanitize the floor, thereby ensuring a clean floor with no place for infection-causing germs and pathogens.

Checking Floor Health

Checking floor health at regular intervals gives you an idea about its condition, and you can address risks of damage earlier. In case there is anything that requires replacement, a health check of the floor will alert you about the same.

You can get this checked with floor contractors and floor maintenance services providers like Ameristar Facility Solutions. Additionally, you can get entire floor maintenance jobs like cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization with them.

Final Words

Infection control in any premise is of utmost importance to prevent risks of fatal and debilitating diseases. Proper sanitization, cleanliness, and maintenance of the facilities and premises is the only way to control the spread effectively.

As such, surface disinfection along with regular and effective floor maintenance helps boost infection control, and all you need is a service provider like Ameristar Facility Solutions. They look after all your floor maintenance and disinfection needs and are dedicated to keeping your premises free of infections and diseases.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Ameristar Solutions now and boost infection control through proper floor maintenance.

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