Bloodborne Pathogens
How to Limit Your Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens?

Just like humans, ever microorganisms live and reside on this planet. Now, while some microorganisms are good, there are some others that are harmful and are called germs and pathogens. When we talk about pathogens, it refers to all categories of disease-causing microorganisms.

Now, there can be different kinds of pathogens residing in our surroundings. One of these kinds is Bloodborne Pathogens.

What are Bloodborne Pathogens?

Bloodborne pathogens can be referred to as the disease-causing germs and microorganisms present in the human blood and other body fluids. The most common forms of these bloodborne pathogens are HIV and Hepatitis. However, there are more of these kinds, and these can be deadly and fatal to human life. So, it’s important that you prevent yourself against them at all costs.

The question is, how are you exposed to the risks of bloodborne pathogens, and how can you limit this exposure and prevent yourself against the same? Well, let’s have a look into the same.

How Do You Get Exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens?

Bloodborne pathogens mainly spread when someone comes in contact with infectious blood and other body fluids in any manner. Generally, the risks of exposure are most prevalent in the healthcare sector; however, these pathogens can spread in other types of industries and organizations as well.

Bloodborne pathogens are also known to spread through sexual transmission and IV drug usage. Additionally, they can spread from the air droplets in the surroundings as well. This happens due to respiratory droplet transmission wherein someone inhales an infected droplet coming from sneezing or coughing by an infectious person.

Considering all these methods of transmission of bloodborne pathogens, it is essential that you take measures to prevent the exposure. Let’s have a look at the actions you can take.

How to Limit Your Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens?

Bloodborne pathogens are harmful and sometimes fatal. So, it’s necessary that you prevent yourself against the risk of any kind of exposure to these harmful germs. Now, there are many precautionary measures that you can take for prevention. Let’s have a look at all of them.

Know and Acknowledge the Risk

The best way to prevent yourself from any potential risk is to be aware of its presence and acknowledge the same. Generally, our negligence becomes our biggest enemy. So, do not neglect the fact that you may be exposed to the risk of bloodborne pathogens.

In fact, you must treat any human blood and body fluid as if it is infectious. Moreover, you must avoid contact with any such fluids and blood as much as possible.

It’s only with the right attitude that you shall be able to prevent yourself from any potential risks.

Protection Kits and Equipment

If you necessarily have to deal with blood and body fluids, make sure to prevent yourself by using appropriate protection kits and equipment. Before you make contact with the blood or fluids, ensure that you are wearing protective gloves. In addition to wearing gloves, also wear a face shield, eye masks, face masks, and gowns. Once you’re done with the work, be sure to dispose of the protection kit and equipment in a proper manner and wash and sanitize your hands soon after the disposal.

Create Awareness About the Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure

While you take the protective measures, it is also essential that you create awareness among your staff and employees about the bloodborne pathogens exposure. The more awareness you create, the further you get towards reducing the risks.

Create a plan to be followed within your facility to control and reduce the risks of exposure. This plan must contain detailed guidelines for the protective and preventative measures to be followed within the facility.

Cleanliness is the Key

One of the best ways for prevention and reduction of risk exposure would be maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in your facility. With proper cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization, it will be easier to reduce and prevent the transmission of pathogens through the air. Additionally, you shall also be able to prevent surface contamination.

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Final Words

Bloodborne pathogens are harmful and fatal, and it is utterly essential to prevent and reduce exposure to them. All the ways outlined above shall be helpful. All you need to do is follow them thoroughly.

The best defense is always maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Ameristar Facility Solutions will help you do the same with its amazing and fantastic cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection services. All you need to do is book our services!