How to Keep Your Office Clean and Organized
How to Keep Your Office Clean and Organized

A clean, organized office is essential for both functionality and appearance. However, properly sanitizing and maintaining an entire office space can be challenging, especially for smaller businesses with limited cleaning budgets and staff. Here are some key things you need to know about keeping your office clean effectively.

Establish a Cleaning Routine

The foundation of a clean office is having a regular cleaning routine. Janitorial staff or a cleaning service should clean common areas like lobbies, hallways, kitchens, and restrooms daily. Staff should be responsible for tidying their own workstations and wiping surfaces as needed throughout the day. Deep cleaning tasks like dusting blinds, vacuuming under furniture, and cleaning inside cabinets should happen weekly or monthly. Set a cleaning schedule and checklist to ensure all areas are covered regularly.

Stock Cleaning Supplies

Provide adequate cleaning supplies for staff to maintain cleanliness. Place hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and cleaning sprays in common areas and at each workstation. Kitchens and break rooms need all-purpose cleaners, dish soap, paper towels, and more. Restock supplies frequently and remind staff to use them. Consider providing each employee with personal tissues, wipes, and hand sanitizer packs.

Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

Germs easily spread through high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, phones, copy machines, and kitchen appliances. These areas need frequent disinfection to prevent illness. Clean high-touch surfaces at least once or twice daily. Use EPA-approved disinfectants and follow proper contact times. Encourage staff to wipe down their own equipment and supplies regularly.

Address Clutter and Mess

Clutter is one of the biggest obstacles to cleanliness. Implement an organization system for supplies, files, and personal items. Provide storage solutions like shelving, cabinets, and closed containers. Ban open food storage to prevent spills and pests. Encourage staff to tidy their workspaces by putting items away at the end of each day. Declutter lobbies, hallways, and other common areas regularly.

Clean Spills and Messes ASAP

Promptly cleaning up spills and messes prevents stains, odors, and slippery surfaces. Keep paper towels, all-purpose cleaners, and other supplies for quick clean-ups. Ask staff to wipe up their spills immediately and assist with common area messes. Check floors for spills while cleaning and address any sticky spots on furniture or carpets.

Vacuum and Sweep Floors

Carpets and hard floors require frequent vacuuming or sweeping to remove dirt, dust, and debris brought in from shoes. Vacuum carpets daily and sweep hard floors several times per week. Move furniture and equipment to reach all areas. Clean floor edges and baseboards weekly. For deeper cleaning, schedule professional steam cleaning or stripping/waxing periodically.

Empty Trash and Replace Liners

Overflowing trash cans create clutter and odors. Empty all trash cans and recycling bins daily, or more often if needed. Provide enough bins for each workspace and common area. Always replace used liners with new ones to help keep cans clean. Use liners that fit bins properly and tie or seal bags before removal. Take trash and recycling to exterior bins frequently.

Clean Windows and Light Fixtures

Dirty windows block natural light while dust and dirt on lighting fixtures reduce brightness. Clean interior windows at least monthly and exterior windows quarterly. Use lint-free cloths, squeegees, and proper cleaning products. Clean vents and light covers when you change bulbs. Dust sconces, overhead lights, and lampshades regularly.

Keep Bathrooms Clean

Clean, hygienic bathrooms are essential for health. Check and restock supplies like soap, towels, and toilet paper daily. Fully clean and disinfect toilets, sinks, and counters daily too.Clean mirrors, walls, vents, and lighting fixtures weekly. Look for grime buildup in corners and crevices. Schedule deep cleaning tasks like grout scrubbing and toilet descaling periodically.

Maintain the Grounds

Don’t neglect the areas outside your office’s entrance and perimeter. Pick up trash and debris daily, or more often if needed. Sweep sidewalks, paths, and smoking areas regularly. Keep landscaping tidy by pruning plants and pulling weeds. Remove snow and ice from walkways as soon as possible. A clean exterior projects professionalism before visitors even step inside.

Promote a Clean Culture

Getting everyone engaged in cleanliness goals helps create office-wide habits. Lead by example in keeping your own workspace tidy. Gently remind coworkers to clean up after themselves when needed. Provide positive feedback when people follow cleanliness guidelines properly. Consider creating a friendly competition between departments or individuals for the cleanest workspace.

The Right Supplies and Equipment

Having commercial-grade supplies and equipment improves cleaning effectiveness and efficiency. A commercial vacuum makes quick work of carpets. Cleaning caddies allow staff to transport all needed tools and products easily. Invest in microfiber cloths, sticky rollers, quality gloves, HEPA air purifiers, and other useful items. Purchase eco-friendly cleaners and tools when possible. Partner with vendors who offer cleaning training.

Outsourcing to a Commercial Cleaner

Consider outsourcing entirely to a professional commercial cleaning service for the most thorough yet affordable office cleaning solution. Companies like Ameristar Facility Solutions provide tailored cleaning programs using compliant products and training. Call them at (570) 675-5525 or visit ↗ for a free proposal. You can also email them at They ensure your office is cleaned professionally so you can focus on your business.


A clean office doesn’t happen on its own. But by following these tips, you can create cleanliness habits that benefit your business, employees, and visitors. Dedicate staff, supplies, and time to establish robust daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines. With consistent standards and whole-team engagement, your office can maintain a professional, hygienic, and appealing environment.