How to Create a Cost-Effective Surface Protection Program
How to Create a Cost-Effective Surface Protection Program

Cleanliness and hygiene have become more important than ever in the wake of the pandemic. Maintaining a clean environment is the single most effective defense against the spread of the virus and we need to work on protecting the air quality and other high-touch surfaces in the facility.

Now, while air quality can be managed and maintained by installing air purifiers in a facility, keeping up with surface protection is quite a challenging task.

A commercial enterprise is mostly crowded and people keep coming in contact with different surfaces such as tables, desks, doorknobs, door handles, etc. When an infected person touches such surfaces, the germs pass on and get carried to other people coming in contact with the surface.

Now, of course, one cannot continuously keep cleaning the surfaces after every other person comes in contact with them. That’s just impractical. The need is to have a more practical surface protection program that can keep the surfaces resistant to contamination. However, the cost of such programs could be quite overwhelming.

The question is how can you meet your need for surface protection in a cost-effective manner? Well, careful planning can do the job for you. Let us guide you on that with some tips on creating a cost-effective surface protection program.

Tips to Create A Cost-Effective Surface Protection Program

A surface protection program is the need of the hour for every commercial facility. However, meeting this need cost-efficiently is essential too. Here are some ways you can create a cost-effective surface protection program.

Know Your Budget

When it comes to cost-efficiency, knowing your budget is very important. The big mistake that organizations make when incorporating a surface protection program in their facilities is that they don’t really take the budget into consideration.

Knowing the budget beforehand will help plan things within the set limits and you’d not be biting your nails about costs going overhead.

Plan It Well

While getting the cleaning supplies within your budget is one part of putting a cost-effective surface protection program in place in your facility, planning the next part of it is a bigger challenge. If you don’t have a plan for regular cleaning and disinfection in your organization, setting a budget for a surface protection program will not make any sense at all.

You need to know when the cleaning activities have to be taken up in the facility so as to not disturb your workforce. Who you hire for the cleaning and disinfection also matters as whether you have an in-house staff or you outsource the surface protection program influences the costs a lot.

This brings us to the next and most important point of discussion in creating a cost-effective surface protection program, that is, outsourcing the program. Have a read further.

Outsource the Surface Protection Program to A Professional Agency

When you hire an in-house team for surface protection, you need to set aside a separate budget for their salaries. Moreover, you also need to put up with the requirements for leaves which again adds on to the costs.

A better alternative is to outsource the entire work to a professional commercial cleaning agency. A professional agency will know the best techniques and practices to install a surface protection program within a commercial facility and you can get a plan with them based on your budget. 

Moreover, with a professional cleaning agency, you need not worry about managing a cleaning staff or making adjustments for their leaves and salaries. You simply pay for the services and have everything else taken care of without even lifting a finger.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions Can Help You Create A Cost-Effective Surface Protection Program

From the above discussion, it’s clear that creating a cost-effective surface protection program comes down to knowing your budget, planning it carefully, and choosing the right ways to administer the program. Outsourcing the installation of a surface protection program will indeed be the most cost-effective way and when you think of that, AmeriStar can help you out.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions with their antimicrobial program provide the best levels of surface protection with a three-step process that tests, treats, and tracks the surfaces for contamination. With the antimicrobial program, you can most efficiently eliminate surface contamination in your facility and make sure that the surfaces are protected against viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing pathogens and microbes.

The best part yet is that the program is designed for cost-efficiency and will fit right within your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with AmeriStar Facility Solutions and have your surface protection program in place. You can contact them in the following ways-

Final Words

Having a surface protection program is essential for every commercial facility, but keeping it cost-effective is quite a challenge. With the right ideas, it can be done. The best thing will be to outsource the program to a cleaning agency like AmeriStar Facility Solutions.

We hope this article was helpful in giving you the idea for creating a cost-effective surface protection program and that you’ll do the right things to keep your facilities safe from contamination.