How Often Should an Office Be Deep Cleaned & Disinfected

Cleanliness and hygiene in an office can never be neglected. A clean workplace not only looks pleasant and good to work in but it also prevents the occupants from the risk of diseases and infections and even promotes higher productivity.

However, what exactly clean means? How often should you clean your office to achieve a standard level of cleanliness in the workplace?


Well, this article will answer all the questions surfacing in your mind and help you understand how frequently your office must be cleaned so as to keep it hygienic, safe, and productive.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Office

There is no standard level of cleaning alike for all places. It depends from place to place, office to office. The cleanliness in your office as well as the frequency of cleaning the office will depend on a number of factors and you need to take all of them into consideration to achieve the best level of cleaning in the office.

Hereinbelow are some of the most essential factors to consider when trying to determine the frequency of cleaning in the office.

The Number of People Occupying the Office

The first thing to take notice of is the number of people occupying the office. The more the number of people occupying the office, the more frequently it needs to be cleaned.

If you have a small office with a low footfall, then cleaning it alternatively or even once a week does the task. However, with a larger office with heavier footfall, regular cleaning becomes a necessity.

The Size of the Office – Large or Small

It’s easier to clean a small office and you can clean it almost regularly. However, cleaning a huge office on a daily basis would be a hectic task and it would take a lot to accomplish it too. In case the office is huge, it’s better to divide areas and sections in the office and clean them at regular intervals. In any case, the cleaning will be frequent because one area or the other will need cleaning at all times.

The Type of Cleaning Done

The type of cleaning that you’re doing in the office is also a matter of consideration for deciding the frequency of cleaning the offices. In the case of regular, off-the-chore cleaning, it must be done on a daily basis so that the areas look clean and dust-free.

However, when it comes to deeper cleaning of the offices such as cleaning the carpets or the deeper corners of the offices that are not much focused upon, you need to plan that type of cleaning beforehand. Of course, deep cleaning can’t be regular. It’s a bi-monthly or monthly affair and must be followed in that pattern.

The Part of Office to Be Cleaned

Not all areas of the office need regular cleaning, however, some areas can’t go a day without cleaning. Determining these areas is essential. 

For instance, it works if the desks and workstations are cleaned alternatively. However, restrooms, cafeterias, etc., are frequently used places in the offices and require regular cleaning without fail.

In fact, for these areas, it’s best to hire professional cleaning services so that the cleaning is taken care of in the best possible manner and the areas remain clean and hygienic, safe for use by everyone occupying the premises.

Get Help From a Janitorial Cleaning Company like AmeriStar Facility Solutions

So, you can see that the frequency of cleaning the offices depends on a number of factors and you need to prepare a cleaning plan and protocol to ensure that your office remains clean and hygienic at all times so that safety and productivity in the workplace is maintained.

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Final Words

So, that’s all about the frequency of cleaning required in your offices. It all depends on multiple factors and all of them can be best evaluated and determined by a professional cleaning agency like AmeriStar Facility Solutions.

So, take all the necessary help that you need and keep your offices clean and hygienic at all times with proper and regular cleaning.