How Surface Protection Programs Prevent Absenteeism
How Antimicrobial Surface Protection Programs Can Decrease Employee Absenteeism

Your employees are your biggest assets and it’s essential that you take care of them. You cannot afford your employees getting sick and taking off days. So, it becomes essential that you take every measure to prevent infection spread in your organization.

Now, while you may take care of regular cleaning and disinfection to maintain hygiene and indoor air quality, this may not be enough. The surfaces in heavily crowded facilities are more prone to infection spread which makes surface protection necessary.

The major benefit of surface protection actually comes in the form of decreased absenteeism. In fact, statistics reveal that surface protection programs have led to a 40% decrease in absenteeism in organizations. Interesting isn’t it?

Now, you may wonder how surface protection programs prevent absenteeism. Well, let us give you some reasons. However, before we dig into that, let’s first understand the meaning of surface protection programs.

How Can My Facility Benefit From Antimicrobial Surface Protection Programs

Surface Protection Programs, as their name explains, are cleaning and disinfection measures to contain the spread of infections on surfaces. Surfaces are constantly prone to infections because they come in continuous contact with people.

So, when an infected person touches a surface, especially right after sneezing and coughing, the disease-causing germs and microbes transmit on the surface which gets further carried away by other people who come in contact with such contaminated surface.

Surface contamination can also happen through air currents. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the germs pass into the air currents and ultimately settle on the surfaces thereby contaminating them.

Surface protection helps ensure that such contamination is immediately eliminated as the surfaces get covered by a protective layer. Once an antimicrobial solution is applied to the surfaces, it sticks to the surface and activates a positive charge. This positive charge kills all the bacteria and viruses on the surfaces and repels them in the future too.

So, surface protection offers a long-time relief from the spread of infections. Now, the question is how it prevents absenteeism. Well, let’s get into that.

2 Ways Surface Protection Helps Reduce Employee Time Off

Surface protection programs help reduce absenteeism in an organization in many ways. Hereinbelow are some of them-

It Helps Maintain A Healthier Environment In The Workplace

Surface protection programs eliminate all the bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing microbes and pathogens present in a facility. This helps maintain a cleaner, more hygienic, and healthier environment in the offices.

With a healthier environment, there will be fewer instances of employees falling sick and taking sick leaves.

It Helps Boost Employee Confidence

Surface protection programs go a long way in boosting employee confidence. With surface protection programs, employees feel more protected within the office premises and are able to see that their organization is working on maintaining health and hygiene. This boosts employee confidence and they work with more energy and vigor.

With boosted confidence in their organization, employees are less likely to take leaves and you benefit from reduced absenteeism as well as increased employee productivity.

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Final Words

Absenteeism is a huge issue and can lead to a lot of operational losses. However, when you keep your facilities protected and offer the employees the confidence that they’re working in a safe and healthy environment, you can reduce absenteeism big time. A surface protection program goes a long way in ensuring the same.

With surface protection programs, you maintain the utmost level of health and hygiene in your facilities. So, incorporate such programs with the help of AmeriStar Facility Solutions and make sure that your organization doesn’t experience absenteeism.