Hidden Germs & Bacteria in Your Office and What You Can Do About Them
Hidden Germs & Bacteria in Your Office and What You Can Do About Them

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential at your workplace and commercial facilities are doing everything in their power to keep the workplaces clean and hygienic for all the occupants. Be it putting a cleaning routine in place to following regular cleaning and disinfection practices throughout the premises, commercial offices and facilities are not leaving out anything when it comes to eliminating germs and maintaining cleanliness.

However, even after all your efforts, there are germs lurking around in some places in your office premises. Wondering how to identify such places? Well, follow through on this guide to know where germs could be hiding in your facility.

What Places to Look For to Find Hidden Germs in Your Facility

Even after all your efforts, germs can be hiding in certain spots in your facility. Now you may be taking care of washrooms, cafeteria, workspaces, tables, desks, chairs, and other prominent surfaces like that in your facility. However, that’s not all.

The best way to identify where germs hide in your facility is to look through the high-touch surfaces and the areas where most people hang out in the offices. These are the places where germs mostly hide.

Let us tell you some of the most common office places where you can find germs hidden in your facility.

Doorknobs and Door Handles

Doorknobs and door handles are high-touch surfaces. People in the offices and facilities constantly touch doorknobs and door handles to find their way in and out of the doors. As more people touch these surfaces, germs transfer from hands to the door knobs and door handles and they get contaminated before you know it. So, it’s essential to keep doorknobs and door handles sterilized and disinfected so that germs are immediately killed when they come in contact with the surfaces.

Elevators and Elevator Buttons

If your office or facility has elevators, there would be many germs lurking around them. Elevator buttons are again high touch surfaces and germs pass when different people press different elevator buttons to reach their desired floors.

Moreover, elevators are closed spaces. So, when a person occupying the elevator coughs or sneezes in the elevator, the germs get transmitted to the air currents within the elevator and since there is no place else for germs to flow through the air currents, they keep lurking within the elevators.

Electronic Devices in the Offices

You may hardly think about cleaning the electronic devices in the offices. However, germs keep lurking around these devices as many people keep touching them, especially the phone and systems at the office reception area.

Moreover, people don’t clean their systems and keep using them on the go. They might keep munching snacks around their system. Furthermore, germs can transmit when the employees use their keyboards or mouse soon after coughing and sneezing around the systems.

Due to all these instances, there is a high possibility of germs lurking around the electronic devices in your facility.

Vending Machines and Coffee Machines

Vending machines and coffee machines are other high-touch surfaces in the office and it’s easy for you to miss out on cleaning them. However, as people constantly touch these machines to get snacks or coffee, germs get transmitted through touch and there is high surface contamination with germs, bacteria, viruses, and other diseases causing pathogens lurking around these machines.

Light Switches

It’s easy to miss light switches as well in your offices. However, many people touch these light switches as well which is why these are also places where germs or pathogens find their way and remain hidden.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions Can Help

From the foregoing discussion of the different places where germs stay hidden in your facility, it’s clear that germs will find their way only around high-touch surfaces and areas and in closed areas of the facility.

So, surface contamination is pretty common in the facilities which make it important to address the issue with regular surface disinfection and cleaning.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions can help with the same. It’s a commercial cleaning company with highly talented professionals to clean around your facility and remove any surface contamination or other unhygienic factors in your facilities.

With AmeriStar, you can always keep your facility free of germs leaving no place for them to hide around in your offices.

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Final Thoughts

It’s easy for germs and pathogens to find their way into your facilities and lurk around, hiding in neglected places. Thus, it’s essential that you create a proper cleaning plan and include even the smallest of places in your cleaning plan and schedule.

With alertness, we can eliminate germs altogether from our surroundings. Hopefully, this article helped and you will now be more diverse about your cleaning plan and include all high-touch surfaces for disinfection and cleaning.