Go Local When Selecting A Commercial Cleaning Service Provider in Pennsylvania

You can pretty much trip over a commercial cleaning service company these days and selecting the best for you can make your head spin: too many options, too many possibilities. When browsing through, one Facility has your favorite service but is too heavy on the pocket, while the other may have good reviews but is too far away. The struggle is real!

Going local when using certain services, especially pertaining to sanitizing and cleaning, helps in numerous ways. Also, choosing popular brands will not ensure quality cleaning, because even local cleaning companies offer better services than the branded ones. They can care extra as they are nearer to you and your reviews matter to them.

So, let’s hop on to detailed information regarding why you should go local when selecting your cleaning services.

Why Choose A Local Commercial Janitorial Service Over A National Brand

  1. Since, local companies are mostly smaller than the branded ones, they tend to care more and provide you their best services.
  2. Local ones can provide you more time and better quality, on the other hand, branded companies usually have rushing services and they focus on quantity more than quality.
  3. Locals are assumed to ensure the safety of your items more than brands would ever do.
  4. Most importantly, Locals provide cheap services, unlike brands who would ask for a great deal and never provide services up to the mark. You can have the same service at a cheaper rate if you go local.
  5. Unlike branded companies, Locals are easy to reach out and they provide faster service.

About AmeriStar Facility Solutions 

AmeriStar Facility Solutions has seen it all. It has been through thick and thin, and knows how things go about in the world of cleaning and has hence established a system of providing cleaning facilities in a close to perfect manner.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions’ primary aim of providing locally is that ‘you will never have to call a national number to resolve any concern. Your call is local, and the decision-makers are local.’

Commercial Cleaning Services

A myriad of services is up for grabs. The major appeal being cost-friendly. They note down our requests and give a fair price to them. No over-pricing is practiced. No consumer is conned. They deliver what they promise. No more no less. 

Some of the options are –

  • Office/Building Cleaning.
  • Medical/Healthcare Cleaning.
  • Construction Cleaning.
  • Schools/Educational Cleaning.
  • Gym/Fitness Facilities
  • Manufacturing/Warehouse Cleaning.
  • Sanitizing/Disinfecting Services.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions stands out among the crowd because of its use of ‘Electrostatic Disinfectant,’ which is a ‘non-contact’ form of cleaning service. This has gained rapid recognition due to recent times, which has acted as merit to them.

The motto of them locally providing solutions has benefitted dramatically to the people of Dallas, a borough in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. It serves Back Mountain, Wyoming Valley, Mountain Top, and many other surrounding areas with pride.

Why Choose AmeriStar Facility Solutions?

AmeriStar Facility Solutions service providers are a one-stop-shop for all kinds of commercial cleaning needs. 

They are more efficient in doing their jobs and do not turn a blind eye to the arousing of an unforeseen obstacle. Also, they take into account the eco-friendly factor of the chemical products they are about to use.

Special equipment includes ultra-modern vacuum filtration machines, extremely light in weight, easily handleable, not fragile, and baby/kid-friendly too. 

AmeriStar Facility Solutions has GBAC (Global Biorisk Advisory Council) Star Accreditation by the ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association), which is a third-party validation of your cleaning and disinfection program. This is an oomph factor that boosts them as one of the top cleaning facility service providers.

Hirings is done with critical care, and experience is taken into account majorly. You can trust the hiring team of AmeriStar Facility Solutions. They are instructed to perfection and are tutored to channelize this perfection in doing their jobs.


The significance, pros, and cons of providing utilities locally have been understood perfectly by AmeriStar Facility Solutions, hence their speedy advancement to leading commercial cleaning service amenities. Locals can also be your all time caretakers, they are just one call away. They would reach out to you in any emergency with no delay and get your work done as fast as possible.

Their personalized, customized approach to their customers has won their hearts. Located in the same area as the clientele cuts transportation costs to send the crew and carry the equipment on-site without delay. The added advantage makes the scale heavier on its side compared to other service providers.

Go Local, Go Clean!