Enhancing Workplace Health, The Power of Janitorial Cleaning and Disinfection
Enhancing Workplace Health, The Power of Janitorial Cleaning and Disinfection

It has become more crucial than ever to maintain a clean and healthy workplace in the fast paced world that we live in. The importance of cleanliness has always been apparent. Still, with the ongoing focus on health and safety, which has increased after the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have recognized increasingly how important it is to maintain an effective cleaning and disinfection practice so that illnesses in the workplace are prevented. Creating a safe and hygienic environment for employees and visitors is essential. Let us explore how implementing proper practices can safeguard your workplace against germs and illnesses. Let’s also delve into the key differences between cleaning and disinfecting.

Janitorial Cleaning vs. Disinfection

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning and disinfecting are not synonymous. They are two distinct processes. Cleaning and disinfection each play a contemporary role in maintaining a healthy environment. Cleaning includes the removal of dirt, dust, and any other debris from surfaces, while disinfection goes a step further and includes killing germs and pathogens responsible for causing illnesses.

Understanding that cleaning alone is not sufficient to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses and protect against diseases, you need to incorporate both cleaning and disinfection into your workplace maintenance routine. That is the only way to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases among your employees and visitors.

Effective Commercial Cleaning Practices

  1. Regular Cleaning Schedules: in a workplace, like any other place, dirt, dust, and germs can build up, and the only way to prevent this build-up is by establishing a consistent cleaning schedule, especially when it comes to high-touch surfaces because they are more susceptible to gathering bacteria and need to be sanitized regularly. Just think about it: daily, your employees and visitors track in mud, dirt, pathogens, and bacteria, making your workplace a potential hotspot for illness.
  2. Proper Cleaning Techniques: Germs are persistent, and utilizing the right cleaning products and techniques is essential for effective germ removal. It is crucial to choose a cleaning agent that is proven to eliminate a wide range of pathogens while being non-toxic to your employees. 
  3. Focus on High-Touch Areas: light switches, door knobs, countertops, and keyboards are some examples of high-touch areas that need special attention. These frequently touched services are hotspots for germs and must be disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

The Importance of Janitorial Disinfection

Frequent cleaning is significant in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, but you need disinfection. This infection is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases. It kills germs on surfaces and objects, reducing the transmission risk. Cleaning is excellent for removing dirt, but you need disinfection to remove germs and bacteria, which is even one step ahead of sanitizing because it only reduces germs to safe levels instead of removing them entirely by killing them. When using disinfectants, proper instructions must be followed to maintain effectiveness and safety, as overuse of disinfectants can cause adverse effects on health as well as the environment.

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