Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting Commercial Properties

When you put in the effort, you yearn for rewards. And, when you do not get anything in return, you are thoroughly disappointed.

Nobody wants to be shoved aside after being used. That’s just universally wrong.

Your services are a result of huge sacrifices and compromises. Therefore, you are obliged to receive compensation accordingly.

Cleaning is one such service. When you go above and beyond to perform the action of cleaning, it should not go in vain if it is not effective and thorough.

Superficial cleaning may make it seem that your surroundings are sparkling and shining to perfection, but this type of cleaning leaves many loopholes which come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

Therefore, as much as cleaning needs to be done quickly and easily, it also needs to be effective and thorough.

Effective Cleaning is Thorough Cleaning. How to Go About This?

When you think of filling both the demands of cleaning effectively and thoroughly, what do you actually have to do? Can cleaning one surface two to three times be termed as ‘effective’ and ‘thorough’?


You cleaned the dining table in the morning, and when it’s evening time, you see a fresh layer of dust all over the table and chairs again—cue facepalm.

Let me assure you; you are not the only one facing such an issue. People all over the world have the same complaint as you.

What can we do about the equation, cleaning = not cleaning, with the condition of a few hours? I have an alternate solution for you, though you may have to spend a little money on that.

And that solution of mine is simple – covers. Now I know this will make you go, ‘Ohhh! That’s easy, what was the suspense all about?’, then I would like to let you know that it is not as easy as it seems.

Dining table covers are available everywhere and at a low price too. So you won’t have to painstakingly search the entire market for just a set of dining table covers.

However, the difficult part comes after you have bought them. Each time you use the dining table, you will have to lift the covers, use them, and then place them back as they were.

This will need a lot of time to get into the habit, and if you have kids, sorry to say, this will take years. Hence, the foreshadowing about difficulty.

Moreover, you will have to clean those covers too regularly. You cannot just leave them to clean themselves.

Among all this, however, the good part is that you won’t have to swipe the chair arms, the tabletop each time you have to use it. Instead, simply lift the covers and lay them back on when done.

You can wash these covers once a week, which is an excellent bargain to cleaning three times daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With this solution, you can obey the law of effective cleaning.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions are strict followers of this groundbreaking rule. They understand what effective and thorough cleaning is, not just from their oxford definitions but from their practical implementation.

Thorough does not equal Scrubbing

“Thorough” is often misinterpreted as scrubbing as your life depends on it. No, that is definitely not the way to go about it.

Thorough is more of a comprehensive term, which means cleaning not just the surface but also the insides and each part of that surface that makes it, in fact, a surface.

For example, a washing machine. But, you may think, why does an appliance that cleans other things needs cleaning itself?

You are wrong to assume so. The water inlet accumulates dirt and dust particles from the water over the many months/years of its use and clogs the channel.

This leads to pressure on the water inlet, as there is a continuous diminishing of the space through which the water enters and fills the inner chamber. As a result, water filling will take more time than required.

So when I say ‘thorough’ cleaning, I mean more of an in-depth clean-up, rather than just cleaning the washing machine’s lid with a clean cloth.

Preservation of the appliance is a critical rule that very few can comprehend. AmeriStar Facility Solutions has got this in their bag; no preservation is no cleaning for them.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions

AmeriStar Facility Solutions have been in the industry for a long time now. As a result, they know what their customers need even before the customers know themselves.

This rare quality of them always being one step ahead with their consumers’ needs and requirements is what makes them the best choice. You can place your complete trust and faith in what they have to offer without much inhibition.

Their solutions are top-notch, fail-proof, and within the budget—all three are significant signs of genuine solutions providing facility.

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To Conclude

Repetitivity is nobody’s cup of tea. Even if you have exceptional energy reserves, muscles, and a love for cleaning runs in your genes, you are bound to get sick of it one day.

Why put yourself through this agony when you got AmeriStar Facility Solutions to the exact job for you and in a better and finer modus operandi. They are the most deserving candidates from your plan-B list for a promotion to plan-A list.