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Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility for COVID-19

Why is a “NEW” COVID-19 Guidance Required for Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Facility

After the hit of COVID-19, the upturned world has come to realize the significance of essential hygiene habits. Washing hands when entering your house, sneezing/coughing in a tissue/handkerchief and not on the person beside you, and using a sanitizer after shaking hands with new people.

Even after realizing it, some people (who are living under a rock) have not yet come to their senses. For this specific community, “NEW” COVID-19 Guidance has been set up. This Guidance is inclusive of all directives concerning COVID-19. From pre-infection to in-infection and post-infection, all factors have been explicitly explained.

This setup has helped millions worldwide. This goes on to show that awareness indeed is necessary and effective. Proper understanding of what is happening in and to the world through the “NEW” COVID-19 Guidance has proven beneficial on a large scale.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions realize the call for placing the “NEW” COVID-19 Guidance. They are the leading sanitizing services, and acknowledging these rules works best to favor the customers utilizing their solutions.

What Does the “NEW” COVID-19 Guidance Mean for your Commercial Building?

The “NEW” COVID-19 Guidance includes both physical and virtual regulations, both of which are equally important for winning against the war of this global pandemic.

  • How to Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 Virus?

Fundamentally, this involves wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, regularly using sanitizers, and washing hands when returning home from outside. 

Apart from these, self-control holds much significance. Making rational decisions not influenced by emotion is important. For example, avoiding gatherings, whether marriages or funerals, should be strictly avoided. 

  • What to Do if One Does Get Affected?

To begin with, the person must be isolated/quarantined immediately. If the patient is willing to be admitted to a hospital, and if a free bed with all facilities is available, they must be transported following stringent protection. The patient should follow prescribed medicines without any skipping or changes in the amounts to be administered. Patients should avoid self-medication at all costs.

  • What are the Post-Infection Measures to be Taken?

On the road to recovery, extra care and concern are of the essence. The ex-patient must not over-exert themselves. At first, they may feel energetic externally, but this should not be mistaken as complete recovery. The internal functions of the body, though not visible, are still in the process of gaining back the original strength and immunity.

  • How to Differentiate Fake from Real Guidelines?

Social media, an open door to an enormous amount of information influx. There is no filter in place to monitor the authenticity of the information shared. Hence, a mixture of fake and real guidelines is witnessed by their users. This outcome has a negative ripple effect. 

For example, if a wrong remedy with changed ingredients as the cure for COVID-19 virus is circulated, and if an affected person uses it in hopes of getting better may further deteriorate their health. Furthermore, the damage to organs in extreme conditions may even result in death. And you, the person who unintentionally shared it, become the cause of that person’s death unknowingly.

The “NEW” COVID-19 Guidance acts as the filter and busts any myths that have made their way to several homes and prevents such deadly ends.

  • How to Stop Spreading of False Information?

Verification is the key. Once you receive any information, a picture, a video, or even a text message about the COVID-19 virus, the first step is to stop. Take a minute to understand the information you have received. 

False information always has clues to it. You just need to focus on them and make out the difference. On finding such information, you must immediately send it for verification. If proven false, you should report the said media and share that information marked as incorrect so that other people do not fall for the same trick.

The issue of “NEW” COVID-19 Guidelines by the WHO (World Health Organization) has given an in-depth insight and, at the same time, a general overview. This has been grasped by the best cleaning service provider, AmeriStar Facility Solutions, perfectly. Hence, customers can use their solutions without any doubts.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions

AmeriStar Facility Solutions have taken it upon themselves to inculcate the new guidelines of COVID-19 and strictly follow them. No ifs and buts. No exceptions. All rules must be obeyed, both by themselves and the respective clientele. 

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The aftermath of this global pandemic will be a more reluctant world. Each person will doubt and second-doubt even the most minor decision of their lives. This hesitancy, though justified, cannot be carried on forever. There must come a time when all of us should be ready to move on. And in such times, is where support weighs beyond its magnitude.
AmeriStar Facility Solutions is precisely the support that you will need. They will help you in all walks of cleaning and sanitization services, welcoming the new era standing by you with all power and might.