Are You Confident Your Building Cleaning Protocol is Effective?
Are You Confident Your Building Cleaning Protocol is Effective?

If you’re running a corporate office, you know the importance of regular cleaning and disinfection. Since the Covid phase, people have been more cautious than ever about cleanliness and hygiene. Most people carry hand sanitizers with them and hardly let go of their masks and gloves. 

Moreover, people have become particular about the cleanliness maintained in their workplace. The employees check for regular cleaning and disinfection procedures in their offices to be sure that they’re working in a safe and healthy environment.

Additionally, putting up regular cleaning and disinfection protocols is essential to maintain productivity and efficiency in your offices too. When your offices are cleaned and disinfected regularly, you eliminate the chances of the spread of diseases and infections. This, in turn, helps enhance employee efficiency and productivity while reducing absenteeism.

However, while you may have incorporated cleaning protocols in your offices, can you be sure that they are effective?

Mostly, incorporating a cleaning protocol to you might mean putting up a cleaning schedule, hiring a cleaning staff, and making sure that the office is cleaned as per the schedule.

However, with the constant risks of infections and the presence of active bioburden in the environment that can lead to the spreading of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens through air or surface contamination, simple cleaning no longer remains effective.

You need to go beyond some regular cleaning procedures and install cleaning protocols that take constant disinfection and sanitization of your offices into their purview. But what can you do?

Well, here are some tips to become confident that your cleaning protocol is effective.

How to Incorporate an Effective Cleaning Protocol in Your Office?

With the constant threat of the spread of pathogens through air and surface contamination, regular cleaning protocols no longer remain effective. The need is to go beyond the general practices and reinstate a cleaning protocol in your offices that ensures end-to-end cleaning and disinfection. Here are some ways to do the same-

Install Air Purifiers in Your Offices

Most viruses and microbes are airborne and will spread and cause infection through their particles floating in the air. So, your cleaning protocol needs to focus on air purification in addition to regular dusting and cleaning of the desks, chairs, tabletops, and other surfaces.

Installing air purifiers in your offices can be a great idea to ensure more effective cleaning and a healthier office environment.

Cleaning is Fine, But You Need to Focus on Surface Disinfection

While cleaning and dusting the surfaces can help you get rid of the dirt and filth on them, you must know that the viruses and bacteria on those surfaces still prevail and can cause diseases and infections.

The need of the hour is to focus on surface disinfection using strong antimicrobial solutions or disinfectants. When you disinfect surfaces, you kill the bacteria, viruses, and other germs on them, thereby eliminating the risks of infections and diseases.

A good idea here would be to use more advanced disinfection techniques such as electrostatic disinfection, as such a process ensures that the disinfectants stick to the surfaces and protect them for longer periods.

Moreover, using disinfectants is a tricky job, as excessive use can do more harm than good. So, it will be a better idea to invest in disinfection services to ensure that your disinfection protocol is effective and safe.

AmeriStar Facility Solutions Can Help With Commercial Cleaning Services

Now, as you think of the need to put up a more effective cleaning protocol in your office, taking up a commercial cleaning service from professionals seems like the only way to go because, of course, all the cleaning, disinfection, and management can get overwhelming for you.

Well, you can help AmeriStar Facility Solutions help you out. They are experts in commercial cleaning services and will not only help you put up an effective cleaning protocol in place in your offices but will also go beyond their ways to help you follow the protocol to the T.

Moreover, with AmeriStar Facility Solutions, you get more advanced cleaning protocols and programs, for instance, their Antimicrobial Touchpoint Program, where they follow a Test-Treat-Track process.

The process involves testing the surfaces in your office for their active bioburden levels, treating them with MicroBX Antimicrobial Solution using the electrostatic disinfection technique, and finally placing a system to track the effectiveness of the treatment and maintain the cleanliness and disinfection in the future.

The benefit of this program is that you get a proper and effective cleaning protocol installed in your office with professional services.

Moreover, the use of advanced electrostatic disinfection techniques ensures that the disinfectant solutions stay on the surfaces for as many as 30 days. So, you need not fall into the hassles of regular disinfection and put yourself at risk of making excessive use of disinfectants.

Best of all, such programs are cost-friendly and can save a lot of money for your organization.

So, what’s the hold-up? Get in touch with AmeriStar Facility Solutions now and talk to them about their disinfection services. You can get in touch with them in the following ways-

Final Words

Having a cleaning protocol in today’s time is not enough. You need to ensure that your cleaning protocol is effective. That’s possible only when you invest in the right cleaning and disinfection services for your offices. AmeriStar Facility Solutions can be great for the same.

We hope this article gave you the insight you needed for maintaining cleanliness at your office, and you’re all set to work on your cleaning protocol to make it more effective.