Are You Cleaning More to Stop the Omicron Variant
Are You Cleaning More to Stop the Omicron Variant?

The coronavirus pandemic has been a worldwide threat for almost two years now, and the threat continues to remain. While we were adapting to the “new normal” and finally feeling safer through vaccination, the virus continuously mutated and what the world faced next was variants.

The alpha, beta, and delta variants have already posed a threat, causing the nations to impose lockdowns repeatedly. But that threat was still subdued, considering the vaccine still proved effective against these variants.

However, now we face yet another variant of the virus, named, The Omicron Variant. Although not many cases of the variant have been reported so far and its symptoms and effects are mild, the fact that it can permeate the immunity created by the vaccines is a cause of concern.

The cases of Omicron variant infection have also been found in fully vaccinated people, even those who were given a third booster dose of the vaccine. As such, it’s pretty clear that the vaccination is not effective and even those who are fully vaccinated are at risk from this particular variant.

Given all these things, it’s utterly essential and imperative that we take continuous actions to combat ourselves from the risk of infection from the Omicron variant, at least until a permanent solution is in the charts. The need of the hour is to stay careful, alert, and vigilant, and that’s what we all must do. How? Well, here are some essentials to keep in mind and follow.

Omicron Variant – Stay Vigilant and Protect Yourself

When the pandemic hit us, we were adjusting to the new safety protocols. However, we already know them, and being vigilant for protection against the Omicron variant doesn’t involve any extra precautions than what we already know. The need is to keep up with them more strictly and stringently.

Over time, we have let ourselves lose and started taking the protection measures and protocols lightly. But it’s time that we put up our guard again. So here are the things that everyone needs to preach and follow.

Masks are Our Greatest Confidants

Most of us have hated wearing masks. They feel suffocating, and you remain worried about other issues from masks, such as getting headaches or even some skin conditions.

However, at present, these are our only confidants. The Omicron variant transmits very quickly. So, having your guard on at all times becomes essential. Wearing a mask is the only way to stay safe from breathing in any infection lurking in the surrounding air.

Maintain Social Distancing

As much as you need to prevent the airborne spread of the virus, you need to be vigilant about the spread of the virus through touch as well. You never know who is infected. The best way to keep yourself safe is to maintain social distancing and avoid shaking hands with people or hugging them, or coming in any contact with anyone at all.

Prevent Surface Contamination by Regular Cleaning and Disinfection

While you can keep up with the protocols and rules encouraging people in your premises and facilities to wear masks and maintain social distancing, you also need to acknowledge the risks from surface contamination.

The foot traffic and human occupancy in commercial premises never stop, and you shall never know who touched what and what surface might be infected. Regular cleaning and disinfection of a premise have been crucial for as long as we know. These become more important with the Omicron variant lurking right around the corners in our surroundings.

Cleaning up high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, door handles, tables, desks, etc., is essential. Additionally, regular disinfection and sanitization must be followed to ensure that contaminants and pathogens get eliminated from the surfaces.

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Final Words

The Omicron variant is a big risk, and we can prevent the spread only when we remain vigilant. With the vaccines being ineffective, everyone is at risk, especially those who have a history of medical and health problems and are undergoing some treatment.

The only resort is to stay careful and protected by following all the vigilance measures and protocols. Make sure that you wear the masks, keep up with social distancing, and most importantly, maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

With the right steps and safeguards, we can all overcome the risks posed by this variant. All we need to do is stay vigilant and strong!