Antimicrobial Cleaning Surface Protection Technology
Antimicrobial Cleaning Surface Protection Technology

Surface contamination is a common problem in commercial spaces. As these spaces are largely occupied by people, certain surfaces such as doorknobs and door handles, elevator buttons, electricity switches, coffee machines, vending machines, etc., are high-touch surfaces and people constantly keep coming in contact with them.

As people touch these surfaces, germs, bacteria, viruses, and other allergens pass on to the surfaces thereby contaminating them and making the office premises more prone to the risk of infections, allergies, and diseases.

So, it’s essential to have a cleaning protocol that kills the germs and other disease-causing pathogens from the surfaces. Antimicrobial surface disinfection is perfect for the purpose. However, since the technology is new, not many people know about it or about how it works.

This article is to clear all your doubts regarding the same. In this article, we will explain everything you need to understand about anti-microbial technology.

What is Antimicrobial Coating Technology?

Antimicrobial technology is an advanced cleaning technique that is administered through electrostatic disinfection. It involves the creation and use of cleaning solutions and additives that have properties to kill microbes and pathogens on different surfaces.

As soon as the germs and pathogens come in contact with antimicrobial additives, the inhospitable environment of the additive kills them thereby keeping the surface clean and free from germs and allergens.

How Does Antimicrobial Technology Work?

Antimicrobial technology refers to certain additives that have microbe killing abilities due to the environment of the anti-microbial additive being inhospitable to those microbes, germs, and pathogens. 

When an antimicrobial additive or disinfectant is used on a particular surface, it covers the surface with microbe-killing properties. As such whenever a microbe that has a negative charge comes into contact with a surface that has an antimicrobial layer over it gets affected by the positive charge of the surface which thereby damages the cells and cell membranes of the microbes thus killing them.

So, antimicrobial technology has the simple act of killing a negative charge with a positive charge and once you have this technology administered in your office premises to prevent surface contamination, you would always be safe no matter how many times the surfaces around the office are touched.

Benefits of Antimicrobial Surface Protection

Antimicrobial technology is useful and beneficial in many ways. It keeps your office clean, protected, and risk-free. Herein below are some of the major benefits of anti-microbial technology.

Eliminates Surface Contamination

The elimination of surface contamination is the major benefit of antimicrobial technology. With antimicrobial technology, you need not keep cleaning the surfaces all the time. They remain protected and just a regular cleaning every day is enough to keep the surfaces clean and hygienic even though they are touched later by other people.

Prevents Cross Contamination

Cross-contamination is common in workplaces as people directly come in contact with surfaces and with one another. However, since the surfaces are clean and not contaminated, people will be prevented from the risk of infections spreading through surfaces and it will reduce cross-contamination to a significant level.

Keeps Surface and Surrounding More Pleasant

When the surfaces and surroundings are not clean, bad smells and odors could contaminate the surroundings. With constant protection through antimicrobial technology, you can prevent the spread of these odors and keep the surroundings more pleasant with fresh smells and fragrances.

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Surface contamination is a common concern and antimicrobial technology is the most effective defense against this problem. With antimicrobial technology, you can keep the surfaces clean and free from risks of microbes and other disease-causing germs. Moreover, the surroundings always remain pleasant and hygienic with antimicrobial technology. So, it’s a great way to keep your workplace clean.

However, you also need to find the right people to administer this technology in your offices. This is where AmeriStar Facility Solutions steps in.

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Final Thoughts

Antimicrobial technology is a savior when it comes to eliminating dirt and dust from the surroundings. You hardly have to do anything yet your remain protected as microbes are killed as soon as they come in contact with the antimicrobial additive.

So, antimicrobial technology is a cornerstone in keeping your house protected and you must definitely get it done in your workplace for better safety and protection of employees.